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Huntsville, Alabama Contractors Insurance

Why do you need a Huntsville Contractors Insurance Policy? Because every new job carries a new set of risks. You count on new jobs to bring in the income you need but it may also require additional protection in your contractors insurance policy. The same contractors insurance that protected you for a one-man project may not protect you now that you’ve grown and have many employees commercial deal projects. You know that insurance is vital to all aspects of your business as a contractor–it can literally keep you in business when mishaps and misfortune occur. The first step to protecting yourself and your company is to contact a reputable insurance agent. Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency has been serving contractors in Huntsville since 1991. Huntsville Contractors need to know that they have an agent who knows what it takes to give them complete coverage. You can call 256-704-7400 to discuss your needs today.

The list of coverage areas that need to be addressed in your Huntsville contractors insurance include:

  • General Liability – protects your company  against financial loss from you or your employees negligence
  • Workers Compensation – provides you coverage for employees injured on the job
  • Inland Marine – provides you with Builder’s Risk, Equipment and Tools – wherever they are located
  • Commercial Auto – provides liability and physical damage to your vehicles

You may also want to obtain Disability Insurance to protect you in case of an accident and the necessary Bonds to guarantee that you are in compliance with local laws and the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

If your contractors insurance misses any one aspect of this protection, your job and your company could be at risk!

Price is always a concern for contractors but with a customized contractors insurance policy, you are in control of what types and amounts of coverage you need and can afford. It can be surprisingly affordable. Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency located at 2400 Bob Wallace Avenue, Huntsville, Alabama can provide you with the value you need between coverage and cost.

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. Get started now so that your coverage is in place by the time you bid your next job and you’ll be able to incorporate those costs.
  2. Getting a quick and accurate quote back is easy. Just fill out this short form and we’ll show you the options and how inexpensive contractors insurance can be. To speak with a Huntsville agent call 256-704-7400.

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