Trucking Insurance

Trucking & Transportation Industry Insurance for Huntsville, Alabama and Surrounding Areas

Trucking & Transportation Insurance is designed for trucking professionals who own their own long haul or short haul trucks. Tractors and trailers are expensive and require proper insurance coverage to protect your investment and the cargo you carry. If you operate a trucking company in Huntsville, Alabama without the right insurance, you may be carrying a lot of unnecessary risk. You could even be flagged by the Department of Transportation (DOT) under the new Federal Motor Carier Safety Act (FMCSA) and become subject to additional inspections. Nothing is more aggravating than having unnecessary inspections because you chose the wrong agency for your insurance needs.

Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency Inc located at 2400 Bob Wallace Ave SW Ste 206 in Huntsville, Alabama has been servicing customers in Huntsville and the surrounding areas since 1991.

Examples of trucking companies we insure are:

  • Trucking for Hire
  • Tow Trucks with On-Hook
  • Auto Haulers and Car Carriers
  • Gasoline and Fuel Haulers
  • Logging and Pulpwood Haulers
  • General Freight
  • Grain and Agricultural Trucking
  • and Many More Classes!!!

We can write all the lines of insurance you will need for your trucking business including:

  • Business Auto Insurance
  • General liability
  • Bodily injury
  • Cargo
  • Comprehensive and Collision for owned trucks and trailers
  • On-hook (covers vehicles being towed)
  • Garage-keepers (covers vehicles in your care and custody)
  • Garage liability (covers operations, premises, and products)
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • Worker Compensation

Here are two reasons to contact Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency Inc Now!

  1. Before you load your next truck, make sure that you have full protection from the side of the road, back to the lot.
  2. You can get a free quote right away by filling out this short form. We’ll bring back to you a cost effective policy that suits your needs. To speak with a Huntsville agent call 256-704-7400.

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