Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation (formerly known as Workmans Comp) is beneficial to both the employee and the employer. Employees are assured that they are covered for any job-related accidents and the employer is relieved from liability of claims and given certain legal protections, including immunity from most employee injury lawsuits. Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc. in Huntsville, Alabama can help you to understand what coverage you need and are required to have by law. The Burkett & Associates has insured businesses in Huntsville and surrounding areas with Workers Comp since 1991.

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A Workmans Compensation Policy can offer the following benefits Workers receive benefits based on the type and severity of their injuries and illnesses. Benefits can include:

  • Lifetime medical benefits for necessary treatment of compensation and injuries
  • Disability income benefits for a specified period of time and up to dollar limits set by law
  • Limited funeral expenses for workers killed on the job
  • Death benefits for surviving dependents of workers killed on the job

Benefits are not payable under Workers Comp for injuries that

  • are intentional or self-inflicted
  • result from the employee’s horseplay or voluntary drug or alcohol intoxication
  • arise from voluntary participation in off-duty recreational, social, or sports events
  • result from “acts of God”, unless in a person’s job exposes him or her to a greater than ordinary risk of injury
  • are inflicted by someone else for personal reasons unrelated to employment

Employers without workers compensation insurance could be forced to pay punitive damages if they lose an injury lawsuit. They also lose certain common law defenses such as arguing that

  • the injured worker’s negligence caused the injury
  • the negligence of fellow employees caused the injury
  • the injured worker knew of the danger and voluntarily accepted it.

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Imagine having a valued employee get hurt at your workplace. Now imagine not having the protection of workers compensation insurance.

  • How would you pay the medical bills?
  • Could you be sued?
  • Could you lose your business?

If you can pay medical bills, withstand the onslaught of a high-powered lawsuit and are willing to break the law by not having workmans comp insurance, then so be it. If you are like most firms, you purchase the insurance. However, you do so while seeking ways to reduce the cost.

Act now and contact Burkett & Associates Insurance in Huntsville, Alabama. An Agent can show you how to you save a substantial amount of money by examining the following four areas of Workmans Comp as they pertain to your business:

  • Rates: While workers compensation rates are standard nationwide, depending on carrier, insurance companies apply what they call “deviations, premium discounts or schedule credits” from those rates, up or down depending on the loss experience.
  • Premium Audit: When it is time for your annual premium audit, we can make sure you are properly classified and that you maintain your records to receive the most advantageous payroll calculations and classes.
  • Experience Mod: We will help make sure your experience mod is an accurate reflection of your claims.
  • Loss Control: A loss control or risk management program where injuries to your employees are minimal because of the safety features used on your premises.

It pays to review your policy yearly to make sure you are receiving all of the discounts your business is entitled to. So complete the Protection Savers Form below, today. Allow Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency to contact you and provide a quote for your workers compensation insurance. To speak with a Huntsville agent call 256-704-7400.

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