Does Your Agent Work For You, Or The Insurance Company?

The Agents at Burkett and Associates Insurance Agency are Independent Insurance Agents That Work For You, NOT an Insurance Company. This Means You Get an Agent That Looks Out For You and Your Best Interests!

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Homeowners’ Insurance Rates

November 25th, 2022|

If you are a homeowner, you realize the importance of homeowners insurance, but do you ever wonder how your insurance premium rate is established?  Most people receive their bill and without much consideration, just pay [...]

Certificate of Insurance

November 11th, 2022|

Whether you are a small business owner, insurance company, or homeowner wanting to hire a business for work on your property, you most likely have discussed or requested a “certificate of insurance.”  While asking for [...]

Dwelling Coverage Versus Market Value

October 29th, 2022|

Owning a home may be your biggest investment yet, so of course you understand the importance of homeowners insurance, but what you may not recognize is the types of insurance by which to protect your [...]

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