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A lot of business is conducted in office buildings and if you no longer had that office building due to an unfortunate, unforeseen situation, would your business suffer financially? Whether it is an office, retail, or warehouse building, situations can happen that may jeopardize the building and the business that takes place within. The good news is that Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency is here to get the right office building insurance protection for you at an affordable cost.

Is Your Office Building Protected Properly?

Many unfortunate accidents can occur that may result in damage or total destruction to your office building, so you must be prepared for the potential likelihood. Imagine a fire or other covered loss happening that results in catastrophic damages to your office or retail building. Would you, as the office building owner, be able to financially sustain if any of the following situations happen?

  • Would you have adequate replacement cost to your building property if it was totally destroyed or will you have gaps because you haven’t properly insured the value?
  • What if you walk into your building one morning and realize pipes have burst, resulting in extensive damage? Do you have the needed
    endorsement to provide coverage for pipes bursting and the ensued damages?
  • What about loss of business income resulting from a covered loss during the period of time your building is being restored or replaced?

These are all reasonable questions that YOU need to be able to answer. If you can’t or are unsure, then you need to contact us at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, so we can ensure you have the right Huntsville office building insurance protection you need and deserve.

Below Are Just Some of the Afforded Office Building Coverage Options Available, but Not Limited to:

  • Loss of Business Income
  • Building Property
  • Inventory/Records
  • Furniture and Equipment
  • Personal Injury/Wrongful Eviction
  • Loss of Rent/Rental Value
  • Outdoor Signs
  • And More!

Our professional and knowledgeable staff, here at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, can discuss your office building properties and can custom design a protective insurance package with the needed options that minimize potential hazardous risks, optimize maximum protection, all within an affordable budget.

Lessor’s Risk Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

In many situations, we can bundle your lessor’s risk insurance into a business owners policy, otherwise known as BOP, which offers many additional coverage options into one custom built, low cost policy. Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency has been insuring office buildings in the Huntsville and surrounding areas of Alabama since 1991 and we are one phone call away from helping you today! We can assess the potential level of risks most commonly associated with office buildings and provide a sound business insurance policy to minimize risks while optimizing your success and financial security as an office building owner.

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