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Huntsville Alabama umbrella insuranceYou work hard for your money and perhaps have accumulated valued property, goods, and assets over time. It may have taken a long time to accumulate; however, if an unfortunate situation happens, you could lose all that you have built in a matter of minutes if you aren’t protected with an umbrella. We are here to make sure you get the right type of umbrella insurance for your needs at an affordable price, so you don’t get soaked.

What is an Umbrella?

An umbrella insurance policy provides added coverage above and beyond your existing limits of liability allowed under your standard Huntsville insurance policy (whether it is auto, homeowners, business or boat), should the limits of liability be exhausted because of a liability claim.

Umbrella insurance is designed for protection against liability claims of serious nature and also provides protection for claims such as:

  • Slander/Libel
  • False Imprisonment
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Wrongful Eviction
  • Defamation of Character
  • And More!

Can You Afford to Pay Out of Pocket?

For a minute, assume that you are driving home late from dinner one night and you fall asleep at the wheel. Your car goes left of center and hits an oncoming vehicle head on, resulting in death to the other driver and substantial injuries to the passengers in that car. The emotional impact of this is devastating to all involved, but now you may be faced with a huge financial blow if you don’t have an umbrella policy in place.

Assume you have bodily injury liability limits under your Alabama auto insurance policy in the amount of $300,000. This means that your liability insurance will only pay up to $300,000 as a result of the auto accident. Considering the driver has died, the passengers have medical bills over $500,000, and a lawsuit is pending, who is going to pay for the remaining amount claimed/owed? Today lawsuits are filed for millions of dollars! Are you prepared to pay out of pocket if you don’t have an umbrella policy in place?

Who Needs an Umbrella?

In the above scenario, the umbrella policy would kick in once the $300,000 limit of liability was exhausted and would provide that extra financial padding. If you have assets that could be compromised should a very serious claim happen, then YOU need an umbrella policy. Below are just some of the benchmarks to consider when deciding if you need an umbrella policy:

  • Do you own a home, boat, business, or motorcycle?
  • Do you have a savings account?
  • Do you have a teenage driver?
  • Do you have a dog?
  • Do you have a retirement plan?
  • And more…

The benchmark list is quite extensive and for a nominal amount of money, you can purchase an umbrella policy to keep you out of the storm.

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