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As a farm owner, you know that your farming business is influenced by many factors such as weather, economy, and financial security and your business is more than just a business; it’s your livelihood. You know your lifestyle is a risky one, so protecting it provides the peace of mind that you need to ensure successful farming. We, at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, understand the needs of families working in the agriculture industry and are here to help you get the right type of farming insurance for you at an affordable cost.

Do You Need Farm Insurance?

If your farm was hit by a bad storm, damaging not only your farm buildings, but much of your livestock, and produce, would you be able to endure the cost to repair and/or replace the buildings, livestock, and produce? If you own a farm, you need farm insurance!

The good news is that your farming insurance policy can be specially designed to meet the unique needs of your farm/ranch business, property, and assets. You can even customize your farming insurance policy to protect you against situations, normally excluded under a typical Alabama farm insurance policy.

Some Typical Coverage Options Afforded Under Farm Insurance Include, but Not Limited to:

Farming insurance provides many coverage options, some of which are outlined below, but not limited to:

  • Liability Coverage
  • Farm Personal Property
  • Farm/Ranch Buildings and Structures
  • Unattached Farm Structures
  • Livestock
  • Farming Machinery
  • Household Personal Property
  • ALE (Additional Living Expense)
  • And More

Farm insurance coverage provides the financial security you need in your farming business. Without it, could your agricultural lifestyle and livelihood survive?

We Offer Many Insurance Solutions

Not only can we provide the type of farm insurance you need at a budget you can afford, we can package ALL of your insurance needs to save you time and money. Because we are an independent insurance agency, we can shop all of your coverage options to maximize your protection at an affordable rate. Leave it all up to us to bundle the type of coverage options to fit all of your specific and unique insurance needs. Below are just some of the Alabama insurance options we provide:

Let us work for you TODAY! Let our commitment to YOU transfer to your farm, your personal needs, your assets, and your success. Keep America strong!

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