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Buying a home may be your biggest investment yet, so it makes sense to protect that investment with the type of insurance you, your family, and home deserve. You did the homework when choosing your home, however doing the homework for the right type of homeowners insurance can be quite confusing and complex. However, it doesn’t have to be when you can call Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency to ensure you get the right Alabama homeowners insurance protection for you at the lowest cost.

The Unexpected Can Be Expected

Owning a home can bring a lot of good memories, but it can also mean experiencing the unexpected when you least expect it. So, when this happens, will you have peace of mind knowing you are adequately covered, or will you end up in financial devastation because you weren’t properly informed and/or covered?

Imagine if the following scenarios happened to you, would your Huntsville home insurance provide the right protection?

  1. While you are on vacation, someone breaks in and steals all of your heirloom jewelry valued in the thousands.
  2. During a torrential storm, your home floods, resulting in extensive damage.
  3. A fire destroys your home and now you have to rebuild and find temporary residence elsewhere until it is rebuilt.
  4. While hosting a neighborhood barbeque, your dog bites one of your guests and now his medical expenses are piling up and a lawsuit is pending.

Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency is a Huntsville independent insurance agency that will work for you to provide the best coverage at an affordable budget by shopping the rates of many different homeowners insurance companies.

Some Afforded Coverage Options Available Under a Standard Alabama Homeowners Insurance Policy Are Listed Below, but Not Limited to:

  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Detached Structure Coverage
  • Additional Living Expense
  • Personal Property or Contents Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • And More!

The unexpected can happen in an instant, disrupting your life and financial security if you don’t have the right type of homeowners insurance coverage. Can you afford to have the above listed scenarios occur without knowing whether any types of limitations or exclusions apply?

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Our staff at Burkett & Associate Insurance Agency has been protecting homes in the Huntsville area since 1991 and can provide insight into the coverage that will provide the most protection you can afford. We can even package your homeowners insurance and auto insurance with us, which equates to savings for you.

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