Safety Tips to Protect Your Home from BurglaryBurglary is more common than you would like to admit and when your safety and valuables are at risk, you need to know ways to safeguard your home from burglary. If you have ever been victimized or know someone who has, it is a clear violation and you know how wronged you feel once it happens to you. Don’t’ let your home be the next target because you failed to burglar proof your home.

True Story

This particular neighbor had her fully furnished home on the market, and left to go on vacation. The realtor had the lock box on the door (visible to the street) and because the house was being shown to prospective buyers, the owner did not turn on her home alarm. At some point during her vacation, burglars broke in and stole cash the she had hidden in the bedroom and all of her jewelry. Imagine how she felt upon returning home to find her home victimized and valuables stolen.

Safety Tips You Can Follow

By taking preventative action, you can reduce your chances of being the next victimized home. After all, you can never be too safe.

  • Keep Doors and Windows Locked- This may sound like a no brainer, but many people do NOT lock their doors or windows, allowing burglars easy entry into your home.
  • Keep Landscaping Pruned and Tidy- Burglars look for places to hide their intrusion so make sure you take note of any shrubs or trees that may hide any wrongdoings and take action to landscape accordingly.
  • Invest in Home/Video Alarm Systems- Investing in today’s home security systems can defer potential burglars. Installing home alarm systems that generate a loud siren upon unwanted entry, along with video cameras that will tape anyone who is on your property, is a huge deterrent to burglars. The last thing burglars want is to be “caught on camera” or have a loud siren that alerts anyone around of wrongdoing. Their main objective is to get in and out as quickly and quietly as possible.
  • Suspend Mail and Newspapers- If you are planning to be gone, ask a neighbor to get your mail/newspapers OR have them discontinued until you return. Piled up mail and multiple newspapers at your home lets any potential burglars know you are out of town.
  • Lock Up Valuables– Keep your valuables in a safe, secure location so that if someone enters your home, they can’t make a quick get away with your personal belongings.
  • Have Blinds and Shades Closed at Night- Leaving your blinds/shades open at night leaves an easy visual for anyone to inspect the lay out of your home along with any valuables you have.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Theft?

A standard Alabama homeowners insurance policy does indeed provide coverage for personal belongings due to theft; however, there are specific limitations on the amount of coverage provided. If you have expensive jewelry, firearms, furs, or rare coin/stamp collections, to name a few, you need to discuss this with your local Alabama independent insurance agent to see what type of additional coverage is recommended to guarantee the right type of protection for these valuables. For a nominal fee, you can protect these items under a scheduled personal property endorsement. 

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