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Is my home covered if a nearby creek rises and water enters my home?2017-07-18T03:02:55+00:00

Flood is never covered by homeowners insurance. You will need a separate flood insurance policy to protect your home and contents for damages.

Should I buy the insurance from the rental car company or will my insurance cover it?2017-07-18T03:02:21+00:00

Your Alabama auto insurance policy will cover rental cars if you have full coverage on any vehicle on your auto policy. However, we do recommend that you buy the insurance from the rental car company to make sure you are fully covered for 2 issues. First, your car insurance policy does not cover for loss of use. That means the time it takes to repair the car will make the car not rentable and you can be charged for this loss of use. This can be very expensive if the vehicle requires a significant time to repair. Second, business use of a rented vehicle is never covered by a personal auto policy. So, if you are traveling on business and rent a car, you will not have coverage from your current auto policy.


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