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Owning a gymnastics or fitness center can be both personally and financially rewarding as you witness physical and mental growth on behalf of the members, but what if something unfortunate happens, leaving you vulnerable to financial disaster? Your business is exposed to many unique risks that need to be managed as completely as possible. Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency can assist you in finding the right gymnastics and fitness centers insurance protection for your Alabama business at an affordable cost.

Some Inherent Risks That Gymnastic Centers May Encounter

As a gymnastics center owner, you are aware of the hustle and bustle as the participants are working towards their goals, striving to improve their athletic skills and possibly their competitive abilities. However, with this type of activity and athleticism, unfortunate situations can and do happen, so you must be prepared. Below are just some of the situations that you may be faced with as a gymnastics center or gym owner.

  • A group of gymnasts are advised to get onto the trampoline and/or pit area, which should always be supervised. However, the designated person/supervisor was talking to another employee and failed to oversee a gymnast fall off the trampoline and break her arm. Now, the gym is being sued for negligence.
  • While one of your drivers is taking a group of gymnasts to a competition, he failed to see a red light because he was distracted by the occupants and causes a multi-vehicle accident with significant injuries and damages.
  • A young gymnast, trying to perfect her back handspring, is in need of a trained spotter. However, the spotter, an employee of your gymnastics center, was distracted by another gymnast and took her eyes off the young athlete when she performed the back handspring. With neck and wrist injuries resulting, the gymnasts’ parents have filed a liability claim against your gymnastics center alleging gross negligence.
  • A tumbler trips over a gym mat that was left in an “unsafe” area by one of the workers, and now has a broken ankle as a result. You are now faced with a liability claim for the medical bills, citing negligence on behalf of the gym worker for leaving a mat on the gym floor.

Below Are Some Coverage Options to Protect Your Alabama Gymnastics Center or Fitness Center, but Not Limited to:

Without the right type of business insurance protection, your livelihood could come to a screeching halt, leaving you in financial ruins. Discussing your business and the potential risks with our expert staff at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, we can help minimize risks and optimize your Alabama business.

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Business Auto
  • Property Coverage
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Libel/Slander
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions)
  • And More

We have been insuring business owners since 1991 all over the state of Alabama, so we understand your needs as a business owner. We are dedicated to discussing your coverage options to find the most comprehensive business insurance package for all of your unique business needs.

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