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Landscaping and/or grading is a big business that requires very specific insurance because with this type of business, things can get pretty risky. After a job is complete, the grass looks green, shrubs are pruned, and mulch or pine needles are neatly placed in the natural areas of the home or business, but what about the prep work that goes into it prior to and during the scope of the job? Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency is here to get the right grading and landscaping contractors insurance for your business at an affordable cost.

Below Are Just Some of The Insurance Options Afforded Under a Landscaping/Grading Contractors Insurance:

General Liability – This is the backbone protection of landscape and grading contractor insurance that protects against claims for bodily injury, damages, or lawsuits resulting from accidents that occur during business dealings/operations.

Commercial Auto – There is a prevalent need for this type of insurance since it would be quite difficult to perform acts of landscaping and grading without transporting needed equipment and materials. This coverage provides protection against accidents that may occur while operating one of the business autos or while transporting and hauling materials for the job. Some of the typical autos insured under business auto insurance include pickup trucks, trucks, trailers, vans, or dump trucks.

Workers Compensation – This is state mandated insurance that benefits both the employer and employee. In exchange for protection for medical costs and /or partial lost wages resulting from injury or illness that happens at work, the employee will release the employer (landscape or grading contractor) from any type of liability claim.

Do You Need Landscaping and Grading Contractor Insurance?

Whether you are mowing, trimming trees, designing landscape, digging, grading or hauling mulch, accidents can happen, which may leave you faced with substantial legal expenses and medical bills. Having the right type of landscaping and grading contractor insurance can provide the safety net to protect you and your business, when the unexpected happens.

Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency is here for you for all of your landscaping/grading insurance needs as well as any other business insurance needs you may need. Our expert staff has been insuring businesses in Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding areas since 1991 and can provide the type of coverage that fills in all the holes and protects your landscaping/grading contractor business today and tomorrow.

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