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Life can get complicated and so can life insurance when you consider all the aspects, such as how much, what kind, and do you even need it? Life may remain complicated, but with our assistance, we, at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, can help you find the right life insurance for your needs at the best price. Life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated once we explain your life insurance options, to find exactly what you and your loved ones need.

Your Family Depends on You

Your wife and 2 children depend on you to financially provide for them, so if something happens to you, how will your family survive financially? How soon will the savings account be depleted, how long can the mortgage be paid, and how will the education of your children continue without your income?

These questions may be difficult to ask, but preparing for your family once you are gone is your responsibility. Losing the breadwinner of the family is not only emotionally devastating, but can leave your family financially stranded, unless you have the right type of life insurance to protect your family.

Recommendations to Consider When Planning Your Life Insurance

While costs provided under a typical life insurance policy may include things like funeral/burial expenses, mortgage costs, existing and future education costs, car payments, and daily costs of living, there are other factors to consider when purchasing life insurance.

Deciding what type of life insurance you need is where Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency can assist you. We can guide you whether your need is for a more permanent (whole life) coverage option that builds cash value over time or a more temporary (term life) life insurance policy that provides a death benefit, but does not build cash value with time. When you can’t be there for your family, we can be there for you to provide protection for your loved ones.

How Much is Enough?

With regards to your life insurance needs, there is no exact method or magic number, but we can develop a custom made life insurance plan that is right for you and your family at a budget you can afford. Talking with your Huntsville independent insurance agent is always recommended to consider factors such as age, health condition, and financial status, so you will understand your life insurance necessities and coverage selections. We have insured people/families with life insurance in the Huntsville, Alabama area since 1991 and want to help you TODAY! Your life depends on it!

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