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How the Difference Between Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured Can Impact Your Business

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities in the day-to-day business handling such as appointments, employees, schedules, and even the insurance that protects it. In order to protect your business and assets, you must prioritize the insurance that covers it and knowing some differences between certain insurance terms is vital to the [...]

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What You May Not Know About Alabama Auto Insurance

Owning and operating a car also means insuring that same car, as the state mandates, but many people may only view insurance as something that is there just in case an accident occurs, without truly comprehending what kind of protection it offers and for whom it is designed. Don’t wait until after a loss has [...]

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If You Own a Restaurant, Know How to Avoid Products and Liquor Liability

If you own a restaurant you know how important your reputation is relative to the food served and customer service provided, and when your patrons dine in your restaurant, you want them to have a wonderful dining experience and come back regularly. However, sometimes things happen and suddenly you may be faced with some unpleasant [...]

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How Umbrella Insurance Can Provide Protection for a Low Cost

You may have heard of an umbrella policy in regards to auto or homeowners insurance, but do you know what it means or how it can provide a safety net when situations turn to devastation? Umbrella insurance is designed to help safeguard you and your assets from overwhelmingly large liability claims and/or legal judgments and [...]

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Flood Insurance Facts You Should Know

Regardless of where you live, you are not going to escape the possibility of experiencing floods and the destruction that accompanies floods. Did you know that just a few inches of water in your home could amount to tens of thousands of dollars in damages? This is just one of many very important flood insurance [...]

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Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Employee Claims at Your Alabama Business

Discrimination, harassment, failure to promote, and wrongful termination are all very common forms of employee claims/allegations within the work force that may expose any business to financial collapse if the allegations are founded. The best way to protect yourself, your assets, and business is to know some ways to reduce your risk of employee claims [...]

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Car Safety Ratings Established by IIHS for 2018

There are many considerations involved when shopping for a new car and perhaps some of the top factors that lure you may be the color, style, and size, but what about the safety of the car? Before you walk into that car dealership, you should be aware of how the car of your dreams falls [...]

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How Auto Accident Damages Are Typically Estimated After an Accident

If you own and operate a vehicle, chances are you will be involved in an auto accident at some point. No matter how careful you are, sometimes the unexpected happens and when it does, you must know how to proceed. Knowing what to do before an accident occurs and how auto accident damages are typically [...]

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Most Common Types of Homeowners Insurance Claims

Regardless of where you live, home damages can occur, whether it is from a storm, wind, fire, or other situations, leaving you wondering whether your homeowners insurance is the right fit for what could potentially happen. Your home may be your biggest financial investment, so you must be aware of the most common types of [...]

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Make Sure Your Alabama Restaurant Has the Right Business Insurance

Your restaurant may be your biggest investment and many different people depend on you and your business. From the customers, to the employees, to the food and restaurant suppliers, there are many responsibilities and obligations you must juggle routinely to continue the service and productivity that people expect and deserve.  Without the proper protection, you [...]

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