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Typical Car Insurance Gaps

If you own or operate a vehicle, it is mandated that you must carry auto liability insurance protection for that car.  What you may NOT know is that car insurance has many facets when you delve into how much is enough, what is mandatory and what is optional, along with other options you may not [...]

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Safety Tips Before Using Public Wi-Fi

Sitting in airports, coffee shops, or universities while working on your computer may seem like a comforting and safe atmosphere, but is it really?  These places are filled with people using Wi-Fi but what you need to know is that often it’s not secure and your information could be accessed by anyone that is around.  [...]

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Common Myths Surrounding Life Insurance

Buying life insurance isn’t one of those things many people like to think about; however, it is an investment for those people in your life that depend on you financially.  The topic of life insurance is no stranger to myths and misconceptions which is why you may have considered buying it but aren’t quite sure [...]

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Hiring Drivers for Your Alabama Business

Running a successful business can be difficult.  Making sure your employees are trained sufficiently, enforcing rules and regulations, producing good quality services/products, and setting forth a strong work ethic are all factors in the success of your business.  But what about making sure your drivers are practicing safety procedures when they are in the scope [...]

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Business Insurance-Is Price the Only Factor?

Your business may be your biggest investment yet, so in order to protect it you must assess your business risks and from there optimize business solutions to minimize those risks.  While that may seem simplistic, there are many variables to consider when shopping for the best insurance protection most suited for your Alabama business needs. [...]

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Unmarried Couples and Car Insurance

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that unmarried couples living together is actually more prevalent than marriage; in fact, the statistics show that the number of unmarried couples living together exceeds 8.3 million and will continue to rise.  One main reason for couples choosing to live together is to save money; however, what some may not [...]

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the top federal government agency that is in charge of regulating and stipulating safety guidelines for U.S. transportation for commercial vehicles.  Commercial motor vehicles include bus companies, commercial truck companies along with those who operate rigs with their commercial drivers license (CDL).  Because of the high volume [...]

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College Students and Auto Accidents-101

Sending your son or daughter off to college comes with many mixed emotions.  You are pleased to see them embark on a new journey but concerned about their safety of living and driving independently for the first time.  Many things may cross your mind such as preparing your son or daughter on handling a car [...]

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Common Myths Surrounding Life Insurance

Purchasing a life insurance policy may not be on the top of your list of things to do; but maybe it should be.  Nobody likes to consider the unexpected situations that could happen that could put your family and those loved ones in a financial bind, leaving them emotionally devastated as well as financially destroyed.  [...]

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Premium Audit Prepared

When you took out a business insurance policy, your Alabama insurance agent took into account many factors when determining the exact insurance premium figure.  However, it is the end of your policy year and you just got notified of an impending premium audit.  What that means for you is that an audit is scheduled to [...]

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