Trucking Insurance Coverage

The trucking industry is growing and can be profitable; however, there are many inherent risks involved in this business.  Hauling heavy cargo across the roadways in big rigs can turn catastrophic quickly and as a trucker, you need to be ready for when it does.  Accidents involving trucks/rigs can result in damages that are exorbitant [...]

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The Right Type of Boat Insurance

It is that time of year again!  With warm weather and abundant waterways, Alabama draws residents and visitors to set sail, jet ski, or canoe on the waterways. In the summer months, there are boats a-plenty all across the water with people enjoying sun and fun.  However, with this many people on the water, it [...]

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Flatbed Trailer Insurance

If you own a flatbed truck or a fleet of them, you have spent more than your share of hours on the road transporting the typical oversized loads.  Whether you are hauling construction materials, heavy machinery, or sheet metal, you know there are some perks to hauling these big loads.  However, accidents on the road [...]

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Home-Based Business Insurance

Setting up shop in your home has become quite prevalent in the U.S.  In fact, over half of America’s businesses are home-based, but what you may not know is that your business may not be properly insured.  Having the right type of protection along with adequate coverage can make or break that home-based business.  All [...]

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Commercial Driver’s License and How to Get It

The trucking industry is certainly one industry that remains “essential” during this Pandemic and because we rely so heavily on truck drivers to transport freight, food, goods, and supplies, this profession may be on the rise.  If you are considering becoming a commercial truck or a bus driver, you will need to get your Commercial [...]

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Typical Car Insurance Gaps

If you own or operate a vehicle, it is mandated that you must carry auto liability insurance protection for that car.  What you may NOT know is that car insurance has many facets when you delve into how much is enough, what is mandatory and what is optional, along with other options you may not [...]

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Safety Tips Before Using Public Wi-Fi

Sitting in airports, coffee shops, or universities while working on your computer may seem like a comforting and safe atmosphere, but is it really?  These places are filled with people using Wi-Fi but what you need to know is that often it’s not secure and your information could be accessed by anyone that is around.  [...]

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Common Myths Surrounding Life Insurance

Buying life insurance isn’t one of those things many people like to think about; however, it is an investment for those people in your life that depend on you financially.  The topic of life insurance is no stranger to myths and misconceptions which is why you may have considered buying it but aren’t quite sure [...]

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Hiring Drivers for Your Alabama Business

Running a successful business can be difficult.  Making sure your employees are trained sufficiently, enforcing rules and regulations, producing good quality services/products, and setting forth a strong work ethic are all factors in the success of your business.  But what about making sure your drivers are practicing safety procedures when they are in the scope [...]

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Business Insurance-Is Price the Only Factor?

Your business may be your biggest investment yet, so in order to protect it you must assess your business risks and from there optimize business solutions to minimize those risks.  While that may seem simplistic, there are many variables to consider when shopping for the best insurance protection most suited for your Alabama business needs. [...]

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