Coverage Options Available for Contractors

The work of a contractor is multi-faceted from juggling appointments, getting the crews organized, quoting jobs, and overseeing the projects.  That is, in itself, time consuming, but what about coverage options available for contractors?  Sounds simple enough for the typical items that need to be insured such as materials, equipment, and your business vehicles/trailers, but [...]

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How Was Your Loss Covered?

Accidents happen all the time, whether your car or house gets damaged, or someone falls on your property. But how does insurance come into play when losses happen?  Most people understand that insurance is essential, but what many don’t understand is the coverage options and how they apply to a covered loss. If you experience [...]

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Is a Builder’s Risk Policy Necessary?

If you are considering a commercial/home renovation or new construction, you may not realize what type of insurance protection you may need.  You may wonder if it will be covered under your Alabama homeowners insurance.  Or perhaps you may think it is financially smarter to take a chance of experiencing a loss instead of taking [...]

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Medical Payments Coverage on Your Homeowners Insurance

Owning a home comes with much pleasure and comfort, but also a lot of responsibility.  Homeowners insurance is one of those essential responsibilities to protect perhaps your biggest investment.  You may be familiar with the typical homeowners insurance coverage options such as Dwelling, Other Structures on Your Property, or Personal Liability, but what about a [...]

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Deductibles 101

If you own a home or an auto, you understand that insurance is essential.  Not only for a legally mandated reason, but also for protection against claims that can and do happen to homes and autos.  The topic of insurance, alone, can be confusing for many, not to mention the discussion of deductibles. Once you [...]

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Does Your Homeowners Insurance Protection Need Adjusting?

One thing we know for certain is that life changes.  When you become a first-time homeowner, your financial and marital status may be one thing, but in 5 to 10 years that can quickly change.  Buying a home is a financial commitment but also one that can grow into a family that you want to [...]

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Common Roofing Scams

Roofing scams are on the rise! While roofs are one of the costliest components of your home, so are the effects of being a victim of a roofing scam.  Falling prey to fraudulent roofing contractors can make your insurance rates go through the roof and can significantly jeopardize your financial stability.  Fraudsters tend to target [...]

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What Exactly is Infotainment Data?

You probably have heard of your vehicle having a “black box”, otherwise known as an EDR (event data recorder), especially if you have purchased a car in the last 6 or 7 years. With today’s technological advances, 96 percent of all vehicles sold in the U.S, have a black box that recognizes if you have [...]

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Avoid Summertime Scams

Summertime is upon us and that means different things to different people.  For some it may mean vacations, family gatherings, and outdoor activities.  For others, it may mean taking advantage of others by conning them to make a buck.  Summer months can be a field day for criminals trying to catch you off guard or [...]

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Hire the Right People to Operate Your Business Vehicles

If you are a business owner that utilizes commercial vehicles for your business, beware who you hire!  You need to prioritize who is operating your fleet vehicles because who drives them reflects on you, your business, and your business reputation.  Most accidents are caused by distracted or careless drivers or drivers under the influence of [...]

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