Common Myths Surrounding Life Insurance

Purchasing a life insurance policy may not be on the top of your list of things to do; but maybe it should be.  Nobody likes to consider the unexpected situations that could happen that could put your family and those loved ones in a financial bind, leaving them emotionally devastated as well as financially destroyed.  [...]

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Premium Audit Prepared

When you took out a business insurance policy, your Alabama insurance agent took into account many factors when determining the exact insurance premium figure.  However, it is the end of your policy year and you just got notified of an impending premium audit.  What that means for you is that an audit is scheduled to [...]

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Find Out Whether Your Non-Profit has Directors and Officers Insurance

If you have ever served as a director or an officer at a Non-Profit Organization, you realize the demands of serving the needs of the members.  Certain responsibilities of the executives may result in personal liability while trying to establish goals for the growth of the organization along with the launching of funds/fundraisers.  Many people [...]

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Insurance Protection for Your Restaurant

As an Alabama restaurant owner, you are faced with juggling many responsibilities such as managing food supplies, training employees on health and safety regulations, and most importantly providing customer service and delicious food to all your customers.  However, regardless of how careful you are in your business operations, unfortunate situations can still happen which is [...]

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Insurance for Your Small Motor Carrier Needs

The trucking industry is ever changing to meet industry government regulations, safety standards, and procedures.  Not only that, but if you are a trucking professional you realize you are faced with many inherent risks prevalent within the trucking industry.  All of this combined means finding the right type of insurance for your small motor carrier [...]

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Power Outage Planning

Alabama is no stranger to severe weather situations so when a tornado or hurricane strikes bringing heavy winds and rains, it’s no surprise that you may be in store for a power outage.  Regardless of how power outages happen, you need to have power outage planning underway.  Staying safe is essential during a power outage [...]

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Distinctions Between Claims-Made Insurance and Occurrence

Insurance protection for your business is essential but are you getting the right type of protection that suits your particular business needs? Before you sign on the dotted line for Alabama business liability insurance, you need to be aware of some significant distinctions between “claims-made” insurance and “occurrence.” Knowing some of the differences between the [...]

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Is Loaning Your Car Risk Free?

If you own a vehicle, chances are you have loaned your car to someone else for one reason or another. Maybe your friend had to make an emergency trip to the doctor and didn’t have a ride or perhaps a coworker asked permission to use your car to grab lunch one afternoon. Without giving it [...]

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Does Your Business Need Crime Insurance?

When you are a business owner, you must evaluate your potential risks and from there, assess the type of business insurance protection you need, but have you considered other insurance options outside of the most obvious? It is clear you need business property protection along with general liability insurance, but does your business need crime [...]

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New Venture Trucking Insurance

Becoming a new venture truck driver can be profitable and include numerous perks, but also comes with its share of risks. Traveling long distances and hauling freight for extensive hours exposes you, your truck, and your cargo to potential loss. If you are a new CDL driver or considering new venture trucking as your profession, [...]

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