Things Not to Store in Your BasementIf you are a homeowner with a basement, you can probably agree that it’s a great place for storage.  Old furniture, rugs no longer being used, boxes filled with important documents, paints, and who knows what else, it becomes somewhat of a “dumping ground” for all those things no longer being used or rarely used.  Tossing things in your basement can not only create clutter but can also lead to destruction of the items if you aren’t careful. Read on to find things not to store in your basement.

Avoid Keeping the Following Things in Your Basement

Basements are notorious for having water/flooding issues, or simply not having the right humidity/temperature level to keep your things safe from situations like mold and water damage. Putting some thought on the front end can lead to an avoidance of having some belongings destroyed or ruined. Below are some items to avoid storing in your basement, but not limited to:

Electronics- Storing those no-longer-needed/used electronics in your basement may sound like a good plan to avoid clutter in your living area, but you are running a risk of moisture or flooding issues that may destroy them. Problems with moisture control and varying temperatures can be threatening to electronics.

Valuable/Important Documents- Storing papers that are important (birth certificate, financial papers, your will, or passport) in your basement is a bad idea, especially if your basement is not waterproofed and finished. Keep all valuable documents in a safe environment that is not susceptible to fires, floods, or burglars.  

Furniture- It may be tempting to store some furniture no longer being used, but it isn’t recommended.  Varying climates and moisture in your basement can lead to mold on any fabric and can destroy the woodworking on your pieces.

Chemicals/Paint- Storing your paint and other chemicals in your basement may seem like a good idea, but if you have them near your furnace, dryer, or water heater, you could be playing with fire. Placing flammable liquids near heating elements could lead to disaster, especially in areas that aren’t well ventilated.

Fragile Clothing/Material- Never store precious clothing (wedding dress, extra fabrics, or other fine materials) in the basement.  It’s simply not worth the risk of it being damaged or destroyed should there be flooding or mold issues. 

Photos- Precious photos are filled with memories so never underestimate what water damage and mold can do.  Always protect and preserve your prized photos by keeping them in a climate-controlled environment.

Books- Storing books, papers, and magazines of any value in a basement should be off-limits. Not only could they be damaged by moisture, but mold, water, and fire could also ruin them.

Mementos or Family Heirloooms- Family heirlooms are priceless and irreplaceable so unless you can afford to lose them, never place them in your basement. Always preserve these special mementos in a climate-controlled, safe environment.

Protect the Important Things Before It’s too Late

Having a basement is not a bad thing to have and it makes sense to use it, but you should certainly take into consideration those things you can’t afford to lose. Before you decide to use it as your dumping ground, it is recommended you discuss with us at Burkett & Associates. We can assist you with all your homeowners insurance needs and can provide you with any added coverage endorsements to further cover all your specific needs. Don’t wait!  Call us today at 256-704-7400.