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As soon as the temperatures rise, so do the number of boats, jet skis, canoes, or sailboats on the water. Deciding which boat/watercraft best suits you, your lifestyle, and budget is the easy part; however, deciding which type of boat insurance that will best protect you and your boat is the difficult part. The good news is that Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency is here to find the right boat insurance protection for you at the lowest cost.

We understand that boating can be fun, but what if on a boating excursion, one of your passengers decides to jump off the side of your boat for a swim, only to receive a head injury from hitting the side of your boat. A month later, he is still receiving medical treatment, with no release in sight, and now a lawsuit is pending. Will your boat insurance policy provide the protection you need if this scenario were to happen? Boating accidents can happen in an instant, ruining your peace of mind and exposing you to financial disaster if you don’t have the right boat/watercraft insurance protection.

Some Standard Boat Insurance Options Afforded Under an Alabama Boat Policy, but Not Limited to:

  • Liability Coverage (both bodily injury and property damage)
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Additional Coverage Options- This may include emergency services, clean up costs, and towing.

Types of Boats Typically Covered Under an Alabama Boating Insurance Policy

Burkett and Associates Insurance Agency are boating specialists who understand that for every different type of boat, there are that many different types of boaters, all with a unique set of needs. Below are some of the more typical types of boats/watercraft that we insure:

  • Yacht
  • Canoe
  • Jet ski
  • Kayak
  • Sailboat
  • Sport boat
  • Racing boat
  • Catamaran
  • Fishing boat
  • Charter boat
  • Cabin cruiser

Just as each boat/watercraft is different, so is the coverage that protects it. Our mission is to provide excellent boat insurance coverage to protect you on and off the water and your only mission is to relax and have fun.

Let Our Boating Specialists Steer You in the Right Direction

Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, in Huntsville, Alabama knows the waters that are conducive to boundless boating and have been insuring boaters in Huntsville, Alabama and the surrounding areas since 1991. Navigating a boat insurance policy may seem complex but we can assist you with the different policy coverage options, conditions, and exclusions so you can have the peace of mind you deserve when you have your boat/watercraft on or off the waters.

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