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As a garage or repair auto shop owner, you work hard daily to make sure you get your customers’ cars back “up and running” as quickly as possible, with due care, while performing auto repair work. However, as with any type of business operation, sometimes thing can go wrong, leaving your garage/auto repair shop exposed to financial jeopardy if you don’t have the right business insurance policy in place. The good news is that we can help you get the right garage/auto repair insurance protection for your auto shop at an affordable price.

Your Insurance Can Work as Hard as You Do

You have worked hard to establish your business and customer loyalty, but all it takes is one bad situation to threaten your business, so your insurance protection should be as strong as the hard work you put into your business. Talking with Burkett & Associates is the first step in developing an insurance package specifically tailored to YOUR specific business needs. We understand each and every garage/repair shop may have different needs and we can develop an insurance policy that will embrace all of your potential situations to
ensure you have the peace of mind and protection you deserve.

Below Are Some of the Insurance Coverage Options Available for Your Business Protection, but Not Limited to:

Garage Liability – provides protection when a customer/individual suffers injury or damages due to one of your employees or products. For example, a customer may slip and fall due to a greasy spot left on the floor. This provides protection for injuries suffered by your customer.

Commercial Property – This coverage provides protection for your business personal property as well as the actual building. For example, if a fire ensues, it will provide coverage to the building for damages, as well as tools, equipment, or other contents at your shop.

Business Income – This provides protection when a covered loss occurs, resulting in a business interruption.

Garage Keepers – This important optional coverage provides protection against any physical damages that happen to the vehicles that are left in your care/custody. For example, if vandals come and damage all the vehicles at your garage in the middle of the night, this will provide the needed protection for the damages.

Equipment Breakdown – This coverage provides protection when something breaks down (mechanical breakdown or power outages) at your garage/repair shop and work is unable to be performed during the duration.

Employee Dishonesty – This additional coverage provides protection should one of your employees steal from your business.

Workers Compensation – This type of coverage is mandated and provides protection for your employee(s) for lost wages and medical bills if he/she gets injured or sick in the scope of employment.

Commercial Auto – This provides protection for bodily injury and/or property damages resulting from an employee operating one of your commercial vehicles while working.

And More!

The agents of Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency can discuss all of your auto repair business insurance needs to ensure you have adequate liability limits and the business insurance protection you deserve. Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency has been insuring garages and auto repair shops in the Huntsville, Alabama area since 1991 and we understand your business insurance needs.

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