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Every business is unique and should be treated as such when considering the type of business property insurance you need. No matter how careful you are in your business operations, bad situations can happen, exposing your business to financial ruin if your protection is subpar. The good news is that Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency is here to get the right commercial property insurance for your business at an affordable cost.

Can Your Business Withstand This…

Imagine that your business has been operating successfully for the last 10 years when you get notification that your building is under a fiery siege. When you arrive on the scene, you witness your building completely burned and contents inside destroyed. After the shock wears off, you immediately start to question:

  • How long will my business operations be suspended?
  • What about all of my office records and data that have been burned?
  • What about business income protection?
  • What about extra expenses to relocate to a temporary location?
  • Will all of my business equipment be covered?

These questions are all legitimate and if you don’t know the answers to each and every one of them, you may not be adequately covered for all of your business needs. Ensuring you have the right customized business property coverage for your business may make the difference between keeping your doors open or witnessing the doors slamming shut permanently.

Typical Coverage Options Afforded Under an Alabama Business Property Insurance Policy, but Not Limited to:

Burkett & Associates Insurance provides many business property insurance options that will protect your business and commercial property, such as:

  • Loss of Business Income/Extra Expense
  • Business Equipment (Ex: computers, printers, furniture, inventory)
  • Interruption of Computer Operations
  • Electronic Data
  • Valuable Records and Data
  • Personal Effects
  • Forgery/Alterations
  • And More!

*Note that special limits may apply to one or all of the above listed options. Consult us with any questions regarding your commercial property insurance.

What has taken years to build can be destroyed in minutes from one catastrophic incident, without the right insurance policy in place. Your business is your livelihood and Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency understands the multifaceted business operations under which you operate. Our goal is to protect your operation as if it were our own.

We have the resources and knowledge to safeguard your business against risk and provide the tailored coverage your business needs. We have been insuring business owners in Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding area since 1991 and we are here to protect you TODAY.

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