High Wind AdvisorySpringtime is officially here and while that brings warmer weather, budding trees, and spring flowers, it also can bring high winds. Windy days and nights can bring down trees, branches, and create havoc whether there are severe weather conditions accompanying the winds. A “high wind” alert from The National Weather Service means that the winds are expected to be, or are, at speeds of 40 miles per hour or higher.  These types of windstorms can create extensive damage to you, your home, and car, so you need to know how to be prepared for when these conditions occur. Read on about high winds advisory and how to stay safe.

Key Safety Guidelines to Keep You Safe During High Winds

  • Pull Over- If you find yourself in a threatening, windy situation while driving, you need to immediately find a place to pull over. Try to remain calm as you are pulling off to safety and be aware of any tree limbs or flying debris that could present an issue. Make sure you keep both hands on the wheel, put on hazard lights, and refrain from parking around any hazardous areas that could create a problem for you and your vehicle.
  • Get and Stay Inside- If high winds are escalating, stay inside your house if possible. However, sometimes situations require you to leave despite poor weather conditions. So if you have to be out, stay alert to your surroundings and looks for fallen power lines, flying debris or any other threats. Once you are home, stay inside and keep away from windows.
  • Take Cover-If you are outside and can’t reach an indoor area, try to evaluate a safe space that is away from trees or roadways. Look for railings to hold, buildings to shield you, or some type of shelter area if possible.

Ways to Protect Your Car from High Winds

  • Have the Right Auto Insurance- Contact your local Alabama independent insurance agent to discuss adding comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy if you don’t already have it. This will provide coverage for your automobile from any damages brought on by high winds or flying debris from trees.
  • Find Enclosed Parking- If severe winds pop up, try to find a covered parking area to shield your car from damages. If your home does not have a carport or garage, you may want to consider investing in a covered area to protect your car.
  • Invest in a Car Cover- If your current home does not have an enclosure for parking, you may want to invest in a car cover that provides protection for your car from flying debris and falling branches during severe wind or weather conditions.

Key Tips to Protect Your Home

  • Inspect Your Roof- Before the winds or severe weather hits, it is recommended you do a routine inspection of your roof every season to look for loose shingles, rotting wood, or other roofing issues that may cause an issue.  If you detect a problem that could result in a leak or the possibility of your roof coming off, have it repaired/replaced immediately.
  • Examine Gutters/Shutters- Make sure all are secure to the house as high winds can result in them being ripped from your house and damaged.
  • Prune Your Trees- Dead, rotting, or hanging limbs can cause damages to your home and roof if high winds escalate.
  • Protect Outdoor Items– When imminent weather strikes or is forecast, store your trash cans, bins, potted plants, or patio furniture in an indoor area.  High winds can carry them away or cause damage. 

When Weather Strikes, Burkett & Associates is Here

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