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4 Important Homeowners Coverage Options to Consider

Homeowner insurance policies are about as uniquely built as the homes they protect. While many people may consider homeowners insurance as a “one size fits all” protection, others realize that what works substantially for one homeowner may leave huge coverage gaps for the next one. That is why it is valuable for all homeowners to [...]

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Ways to Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance, Without Sacrificing Coverage

Owning your own home may mean different things to different people, but opening your insurance bill may mean only one thing; an increase in your homeowners insurance premium. However, despite the rising cost, you can still find ways to save money on your homeowners insurance, without sacrificing coverage that you need. Research the Savings  Saving [...]

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Some Common Alabama Car Insurance Endorsements You May Need

A standard auto insurance policy may not be what you think it is if you aren’t familiar with the policy provisions, conditions, and exclusions. Finding out you aren’t covered for a loss may cost you out of pocket expenses you had not planned on and could leave you in financial distress. Find out some common [...]

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What It Means to Insure Your Teen Driver

Your children grow up quickly and before you know it, they are certifiably licensed Alabama drivers, but what does that mean to your auto insurance premium?  Your teen driver may be excited to get behind the wheel of the car, but there are some things to consider before that happens.  Find out what it means [...]

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Have You Considered the Following Additional Coverage Options That Are Available Under Your Alabama Contractor Insurance Policy?

The contracting industry can be a risky business unless you can anticipate mistakes or unfortunate situations that may pose a threat to your business, and secure the type of contractor insurance that covers your most inherent risks. You may assume that by having contractor insurance then you are “covered”, but what if you are faced [...]

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Have You Considered Some Important Risks That Your Business May Face?

In today’s world, both small and medium sized businesses are exposed to some serious risks that could eventually lead to a downward spiral of your business, assets, and financial security if you aren’t careful. Have you considered some important risks that your business may face or will you risk everything you have worked so hard [...]

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Do Your Fleet Drivers Know What to Do Following an Accident?

Accidents involving fleet cars/trucks cost businesses millions of dollars every year, which in turn can create higher insurance rates for business owners. As an Alabama business owner, training your fleet drivers on road safety should never be taken lightly and enforcing safety rules and regulations is a must for the success of your business. Do [...]

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Why You Should Consider a Buy-Sell Agreement to Protect Your Alabama Business

Going into business with other people has its share of benefits, but when things go awry, which often do, will your share of the business, assets, and livelihood be protected? Your Alabama business may be profitable and successful, however if one of the business partners dies or wishes to opt out, you need to have [...]

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How the Difference Between Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured Can Impact Your Business

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities in the day-to-day business handling such as appointments, employees, schedules, and even the insurance that protects it. In order to protect your business and assets, you must prioritize the insurance that covers it and knowing some differences between certain insurance terms is vital to the [...]

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What You May Not Know About Alabama Auto Insurance

Owning and operating a car also means insuring that same car, as the state mandates, but many people may only view insurance as something that is there just in case an accident occurs, without truly comprehending what kind of protection it offers and for whom it is designed. Don’t wait until after a loss has [...]

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