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Are Your Valuables Adequately Protected?

Imagine that a burglar breaks in and steals all your jewelry, hidden cash, and firearms and leaves without a trace. Your privacy has been invaded and all your treasured valuables are gone. This story is all too common and when/if this has ever happened to you, it's difficult enough to face that not only has [...]

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Not Having the Right Alabama Trucking Insurance for Small Motor Carriers Can Be Devastating

The trucking industry is fundamentally risky by nature and when an accident happens, the damages can be substantial.  Not having the right Alabama trucking insurance for small motor carriers can be devastating for your financial stability and the success of your trucking business, so while many companies may offer a cheaper alternative, why not [...]

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Solutions on How to Insure Your Vacant Home

Leaving your home for 60 days or more may deem your home “vacant” and could void your Alabama homeowners insurance coverage if you aren’t aware of solutions on how to insure your vacant home. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has established this 60-day rule of thumb because when a home is vacant/unoccupied for long [...]

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4 Important Homeowners Coverage Options to Consider

Homeowner insurance policies are about as uniquely built as the homes they protect. While many people may consider homeowners insurance as a “one size fits all” protection, others realize that what works substantially for one homeowner may leave huge coverage gaps for the next one. That is why it is valuable for all homeowners to [...]

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Ways to Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance, Without Sacrificing Coverage

Owning your own home may mean different things to different people, but opening your insurance bill may mean only one thing; an increase in your homeowners insurance premium. However, despite the rising cost, you can still find ways to save money on your homeowners insurance, without sacrificing coverage that you need. Research the Savings  Saving [...]

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What It Means to Insure Your Teen Driver

Your children grow up quickly and before you know it, they are certifiably licensed Alabama drivers, but what does that mean to your auto insurance premium?  Your teen driver may be excited to get behind the wheel of the car, but there are some things to consider before that happens.  Find out what it means [...]

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