Going Solar-What You Should Know

Solar energy has become a topic of debate as the “up and coming” energy source.  What used to be an unconventional and pricey alternative energy source is now becoming more widely used and acknowledged by many homeowners and businesses.  In fact, solar energy is experiencing strong growth in the U.S. and with an increasing number [...]

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Reduce Distracted Driving

The next time you get into your car, look around and you will see many distracted drivers doing everything from putting on makeup, texting on their cell phones, adjusting the radios/navigation, or turning their head around to look for something in the back seat. In fact, you may be guilty of doing this as well; [...]

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Umbrella Insurance Protection

Nobody likes to think about catastrophic accidents happening, but they do!  Within a split second, tragedy can strike, and you need to be prepared by having the right type of protection in place. Imagine having a pool party for your son’s graduation at your home.  Everyone is having a good time until the unthinkable happens… [...]

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Liquor Liability Coverage

Going to dinner and having a few drinks at an establishment sounds enjoyable, but what about the person who drinks too much and then gets into their car and causes an auto accident? The insurance industry is well aware of the bar and restaurant risk exposures caused by one major contributing factor…alcohol. If you are [...]

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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Running a business requires commitment, time, and energy, but keeping your business operations intact requires all that, on top of having the right type of business insurance protection.  Day to day operations may seem to run smoothly, but what happens when they don’t, and your business operations come to a screeching halt?  If you have [...]

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Diminished Value to Your Car

Auto accidents can happen at any time to anybody and typically, damages are present. If you have an accident, there are many factors to consider.  You obviously need to report the accident, document any/all damages, and obtain costs to repair/replace the damages to your car, but what about diminished value?  The repair costs are the [...]

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Homeowners Insurance Rates

If you are a homeowner, you may take your homeowners insurance rate for face value without considering the varying types of rates others have. Most people may not know there are factors that may impact your homeowners insurance rate, but it is helpful to find out what they are. Below Are Some Considerations That May [...]

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Ways to Avoid Slips and Trips This Winter

The excitement of the holidays is over, and winter is upon us.  While you may be excited to experience snow and winter weather conditions, you may not be as thrilled if you fall on a slick surface this winter.  Falling onto a hard surface can be shocking to your body and can cause many injuries [...]

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Managing Supply Chain Risks

Most businesses rely on third parties to obtain (at least some) of their materials to have a completed product to sell.  But what happens to the primary business when the products become difficult to get or there is a huge time delay?  On almost every given day there is news of supply chain risks and [...]

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Ways to Winter Proof Your Vehicle

Cold weather is upon us, and you can expect even more severe cold temperatures in the upcoming months.  There is nothing worse than going outside in severe weather, whether there is ice, snow, freezing rain, or just plain cold, and getting into a car that won’t start or is having issues.  Winter can be rough [...]

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