Protect Your Business DataCyber-attacks have become all too common in today’s news among businesses, big and small. While big corporations who have been targeted make the headlines, those small businesses encountering the same victimization, don’t always make the news. While companies are busy with their day-to-day tasks such as online banking, working remotely at a public location, and/or working on customer databases, there are people planning cyber attacks right now!  Will your business be able to survive if an attack strikes?  Read on to find ways to protect your business data today. Remember that all businesses, big and small, are at risk.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks Today

By taking precautionary measures, you can protect your business from cyber-attacks. Below are some basic prevention tactics to follow, but not limited to:

Use a Strong Password- Too often, people use passwords that are too easy to guess, such as a pet or family member name, not to mention birth date.  To minimize the likelihood of a cyber-attack, you should choose an intricate password that would be hard to crack. Then, choose a unique password for each account you have. Never use the same password across the board. When trying to decide on a “strong” password, consider the following tips:

  • Avoid common passwords- Refrain from passwords such as 123456 or similar patterns that are commonly used.
  • Never use personal information- Don’t use your pet’s name, relatives’ birth dates, or family names.
  • Make it lengthy- Try using 12 characters involving a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • Never write it down- Instead, utilize an online password manager tool to safely store your passwords.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication- This concept is rather simple, yet essential if you want to improve your cyber security. This is a way to “authenticate” who you say you are when accessing valuable, private data.  Verifying your identity is a viable step in protecting your business data.  This can be done by asking questions only the user knows or has, such as facial recognition, security questions, or links to your phone or email.

Back Up All Data- Running a business generates a lot of valuable and private date/information.  Imagine if an attack happens and all that data was erased and stolen.  It is critical for all businesses (regardless of size) to have back up data accessible. Your main objective is to have a plan in place so you can continue business operations if your system is hacked. Having all your data backed up will safeguard you and your business from a huge expense of business downtime should your business experience a cyber-attack.

Purchase Cyber Insurance- Many businesses do not have cyber liability insurance; however, this should be a top priority.  Having cyber insurance is a way to keep customer data safe and if your business is victimized, provides a secure way to access cyber experts experienced in handling these types of claims. Cyber insurance allows you to:

  • Educate the business on cyber prevention
  • Identify and protect sensitive information/data
  • Provide third party liability coverages
  • Provide coverage for cyber extortion, data breaches, computer fraud, and attacks

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)- If you work remotely, you may be handling business information and accessing business accounts while at a local coffee shop or some other place offering free internet. While you may feel safe doing so, you shouldn’t!  Using a virtual private network, otherwise referred to as VPN, adds an extra layer of safety and security.  VPN software hides the IP address of your device and encrypts your data so that hackers can’t access your internet browsing and hack your device.  

Update Your Software on Devices- Staying on top of the software updates that seem to pop up all too often, is essential to the safety of your business data. Not doing so can leave you vulnerable to a cyber-attack. These updates are often “fixes” for security issues that have been discovered so that’s why it is important to stay on top of software updates on all your equipment.

Business Data Should be Protected at All Costs

Protecting your business and business data from cyber-attacks is crucial if you want to have a successful business. Following these critical guidelines can minimize the risks of being cyber-attacked. If you have any questions or concerns about cyber insurance or cyber-attacks on your Alabama business, call our offices today at 256-704-7400 and we will help.  We are here for all your Alabama business insurance needs.