Solutions on Insuring Your Vacant HomeLeaving your home for 60 days or more may deem your home “vacant” and could void your Alabama homeowners insurance coverage if you aren’t aware of solutions on how to insure your vacant home. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has established this 60-day rule of thumb because when a home is vacant/unoccupied for long periods of time, small losses may turn into catastrophic losses simply because nobody is present to recognize the loss when it happens.

There are various scenarios that may happen leaving your home vacant/unoccupied and in the event of a loss, coverage could be compromised. The key is to keep the lines of communication open with your local Alabama independent insurance agent whenever you are planning to leave for an extended period of time.

You can’t assume that because you have a current homeowners insurance policy that you will be covered regardless of the situation. There are “vacant” exclusions that kick in after the allotted time period that will negate coverage so keeping your insurance agent informed of your home status can generate insurance solutions/recommendations to properly insuring your home.

Some Varying Scenarios That May Pose a Risk 

Traveling- If you are traveling for an extended time period, your home is not considered vacant, but merely unoccupied; however it is always recommended that you speak with your local Alabama independent insurance agent when planning to leave for an extended vacation.

Home Renovations- If you are renovating your home and move out while the renovations are taking place, your home is considered unoccupied, but not vacant and you should talk to your agent about coverage options during this time.

Hospitalization- While this isn’t typically planned, sometimes you may leave your home due to illness/sickness that requires a lengthy stay in a hospital or rehabilitation facility, which leaves your home unoccupied but not vacant. If this happens, it is recommended you have someone contact your local independent insurance agent to advise of the situation and make necessary arrangements.

Selling/Renting- If you are selling/renting your home and you have moved everything out (all personal possessions/furniture/clothes, etc.) then your home is considered vacant and coverage may not be applicable in the event of a loss.

Part-Time Residency- If you have share time between multiple homes, then you may need advice on coverage options/insurance solutions for the unoccupied home.

Communication is Key

The key word here is to maintain “communication” with your Alabama independent insurance agent at all times whenever there is a situation when your home is vacant and/or unoccupied, for whatever the reason. Failing to do so can lead to a coverage void, a policy cancelation, and a hefty price tag for the next homeowner insurance policy secured.

Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency is here to assist you with any questions regarding the vacancy/occupancy of your home and can offer insurance solutions that will best protect you. If you are selling/renting, traveling, or undergoing medical treatment, let us know immediately by calling TODAY at 256-704-7400.