Homeowner insurance policies are about as uniquely built as the homes they protect. While many people may consider homeowners insurance as a “one size fits all” protection, others realize that what works substantially for one homeowner may leave huge coverage gaps for the next one. That is why it is valuable for all homeowners to realize the importance of specific coverage protection and how it suits you best as the homeowner. Have you considered these 4 important homeowners coverage options to completely protect your home or will you experience gaps in your coverage protection should you fall victim to the following situations?

Flood Insurance- A standard Alabama homeowners insurance policy specifically excludes damages caused by floods and in order for you to get flood coverage, you must purchase additional coverage for a fee. If you don’t live in a flood zone or live in a low-risk flood area, you may not realize the astronomical damages that flooding can do to your home. Regardless of where you live, you may be exposed to flooding at one time or another, so it is recommended you discuss this type of add-on coverage with your local Alabama independent insurance agent. 

Personal cyber protectionPersonal Cyber Protection- Cyber hacking makes the news on a routine basis and that’s because cyber criminals methodically investigate ways to hack into your personal, computer data that you may think is secure. Once stolen, your personal/financial information and identity is up for grabs. This add-on protection provides coverage for these type of situations that otherwise will be quite costly. Imagine the costs associated with reestablishing all of your personal information, identity, assets, credit rating, and reputation. The fee for this type of endorsement is nominal compared to these potential costs you may be directly responsible for, if you are a cyber victim.

Utility Line Insurance- Your Alabama homeowners policy specifically excludes damages to your home resulting from water/sewer back up. If you have ever experienced this type of loss, you know how expensive it can be and messy to clean up. The good news is that you can purchase this coverage, for a nominal fee, that extends coverage to include costs of damages caused by situations like drain/sewer backup or damages resulting from underground power/electrical lines, to name a few.

Equipment Breakdown- If you have ever had your air conditioning or heating unit malfunction or experienced electrical break down of your electrical pumps or stereo system, you can imagine not only the inconvenience, but the shock of the costs to repair or replace some of these household items that typically are excluded from coverage under your Alabama homeowners insurance policy. Consult with your local Alabama independent insurance agent for details on this additional coverage. 

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency has an expert staff that is here to assist you with all of your Alabama homeowners insurance needs. Call us TODAY at 256-704-7400 with any questions regarding additional endorsements that you may need to provide the added protection you deserve. For a relatively small fee, you can be rewarded with the peace of mind knowing if you experience a catastrophic accident/situation, you will be prepared for it.