Most Common Types of Homeowners Insurance ClaimsRegardless of where you live, home damages can occur, whether it is from a storm, wind, fire, or other situations, leaving you wondering whether your homeowners insurance is the right fit for what could potentially happen. Your home may be your biggest financial investment, so you must be aware of the most common types of homeowners insurance claims so you can stay on top of the protection you require for your home.

Below Are the Most Common Types of Risks That Can Cause Damage to Your Home, but Not Limited to:


Water damage is probably the most common cause of homeowners claims, regardless of where you live. Whether it is from a burst water pipe, leaking roof, heavy storm, or overflow of water from toilets, washers, or refrigerators, it can ruin your home in a matter of minutes. Regarding water damages and leaks, it is always recommended you speak with your local Alabama independent insurance agent to discuss conditions, exclusions, and any endorsements regarding coverage for these types of situations. Keep in mind that flood damages are always excluded under your homeowners insurance policy and require a flood insurance policy that can be purchased separately.


Fire is another very common threat that can wreck havoc to your home in just a short time period. Many situations can cause a fire to ensue, whether it is from faulty wiring, space heaters, fireplaces, candles, or malfunctioning appliances, and it is always recommended you discuss your current coverage with your Alabama independent insurance agent to ensure adequate coverage.


Alabama has seen its share of damages resulting from hurricanes and tornados, so being aware of safety tips resulting from wind and hail damages is key, while having the right type of homeowners insurance protection is optimum. 

Animal Bites 

Regardless of where you live, animal bites can happen and in fact, they happen quite frequently. Dog bites are characteristically covered by your Alabama homeowners insurance policy and can end up being quite costly depending on the severity of the bite and subsequent medical costs/injury. Dog bites happen daily so before you decide to get a dog or a specific dog breed, it is wise to discuss with your Alabama independent insurance agent to get further information on your insurance rates. If you already own a dog, make sure you take the necessary precautions to reduce the chance of your dog biting someone.

Fallen Trees/Limbs

Whether it is from a heavy rain, windstorm, or snowstorm, trees can fall causing damage to your property or your neighbor’s property. Damages from fallen trees and limbs are the cause of thousands of homeowners insurance claims every year. Being aware of necessary precautions to prevent this is vital.

What to Do After a Loss Occurs

Regardless of what you do to protect your home, losses can and will happen, so knowing what to do when your home is damaged is important.

  • Document the damages by taking photos
  • Immediately inform your Alabama independent insurance agent of the loss
  • Take precautionary action to prevent further damages 

*DO NOT instigate repairs until the claim has been reported and damages documented.

Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency is here for you to ensure your home has the protection it deserves. By routinely inspecting your homeowners coverage, exclusions, coverage options, and endorsements, you can feel certain that if you should experience a loss to your home, you will have the right type of homeowners coverage for your needs. Call us today to review your homeowners policy!