Make sure your Alabama restaurant has the right type of business insuranceYour restaurant may be your biggest investment and many different people depend on you and your business. From the customers, to the employees, to the food and restaurant suppliers, there are many responsibilities and obligations you must juggle routinely to continue the service and productivity that people expect and deserve.  Without the proper protection, you run the risk of a restaurant shut down, which could jeopardize your livelihood and the business you have worked so hard to establish. Make sure your Alabama restaurant has the right business insurance before it’s too late.

Imagine This Happening 

During a storm, your restaurant experiences an unexpected power surge which results in refrigeration breakdown and power outage and as a result, all of your food is spoiled and there is no projected electricity for days. Without any food and electrical restaurant equipment, there will be no service for an untimely amount of days.

Without the proper restaurant insurance protection, this could be quite costly. Not only will you be losing customers who depend on your food and customer service, but you may have to pay the costs to replace all the food that spoiled as a result, and the cost of a temporary shut down until you can get your restaurant back up and running. Are you prepared, from a business insurance perspective, to handle this or will you be faced with financial consequences as a result?

This type of situation is never desired, but sometimes unfortunate situations occur, leaving you, your assets, and your restaurant vulnerable. The time to consider these unfortunate events is BEFORE they happen, not after the fact.   By then, it may be too late.

Below Are Some Specific Coverage Options Available with Restaurant Business Insurance, but Not Limited to:

  • Food Spoilage
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • General Liability
  • Business Income Coverage
  • Cyber Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Defense/Legal Costs
  • Assault and Battery

Note that any and all available coverage options/endorsements may be added or amended to your current Alabama commercial insurance policy to protect your restaurant. It is always recommended that you discuss your restaurant coverage with your current Alabama independent insurance agent on a routine basis to ensure your insurance protection grows and adapts to the growth and changes your restaurant may experience. 

Don’t Wait! Protect the Success of Your Restaurant Today

Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency realizes your restaurant has unique needs and deserves a custom-built business insurance policy that not only encompasses all of your business needs, but also considers your financial needs, as the restaurant owner. Our job is to provide insurance protection, while you continue success as a business owner who will continue to provide the food and customer service your patrons expect and deserve. Call us today at 256-704-7400!