The answer is yes, but it is usually limited to a maximum dollar loss and only covered for specific causes of the loss. Your jewelry, fine art (original art work like oil paintings or sculptures), or guns (firearms) are usually covered by the basic homeowner insurance policy. The insurance companies will limit the loss covered to a stated dollar amount and will also limit the causes of the loss. This means that you may only have $2,000 worth of coverage for all your jewelry and its only covered for losses caused by fire or storms. Theft losses may not be covered at all. It all depends on how the policy is written and every company does it differently. So, what can you do? You want to know that your investment is properly covered. The best answer is contact your professional independent insurance agent. They will help you select the right insurance company with the proper endorsements or separate inland marine policies to protect your valuable property. Don’t wait until you have a theft loss only to discover your company won’t cover it!