Dangers of Quarantine FatigueCovid-19 has certainly changed the world by which we know it.  Staying inside more, being quarantined and under lock downs can eventually make you tired.  In fact, quarantine fatigue has become a real thing and if you are feeling it, you aren’t alone.  As a business owner, you can’t afford to let quarantine fatigue negatively impact your business.  In fact, now is the time to stay alert and on your toes like never before to protect your business from cyber attacks.  Practicing cybersecurity safety precautions should be at all time high now that many business transactions are now being handled at home with new threats and attacks higher than ever.  Before it is too late, find out how the dangers of quarantine fatigue may affect your business

The new normal for many businesses is working from home, otherwise known as WFH.  While that seems like a sound solution for social distancing, it may have increased cybersecurity issues that you need to address.  When many businesses transitioned from office to home, many executives failed to address or even recognize what it would mean in the coming weeks and months to their business security.  In fact, Google reported “18 million phishing and malware scams related to Covid-19 every single day.”  Now, every business owner needs to reevaluate how they plan to address this complex problem that was initially not perceived as a real issue.

Mitigate Cyber Attacks on Your Alabama Business

Your original cybersecurity plan (VPN or antivirus network software) may no longer be adequate protection for your Alabama business.  You can’t afford to have fatigue set in and get tired of exercising caution to what may a hacker’s next target.  Below are some essential guidelines to follow in an attempt to reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack on your business.

  • Attain software, such as VPN (virtual private network) which allows your information to stay private and encrypted, which reduces the likelihood of a cyber hack.
  • Use multi-factor authentication whenever possible.
  • Routinely back up important data and store on an air-gapped device.
  • Design and enforce a company-wide cybersecurity protocol so everyone is on the same page. Unity is critical.
  • Download and install all software updates as soon as they are available.
  • Regularly meet (virtually) with your staff to re-iterate the established protocol and discuss any red flags they have encountered regarding phishing emails or cybersecurity issues.
  • Establish open lines of communication with your IT department. Acknowledge the fact the IT workers may also be experiencing quarantine fatigue as they have to continually work through issues to find the “new normal” of protecting your business.

Quarantine Fatigue is Real

Quarantine fatigue is indeed real to many business owners, employees, along with the IT staff.  Although this fatigue may set in, you need to stay alert to ward off cyber threats and hacks by enforcing a company wide procedural plan along with the other precautionary tips suggested above.  Remember there are hackers who aren’t fatigued that are plotting to infiltrate any loopholes in your business’ system they can find.

Who knows what the coming days, weeks, and months will bring; but one thing for certain is that you need to be prepared to handle whatever comes.  Don’t fall asleep and risk everything you have worked hard to build.  Contact us today at Burkett and Associates at 256-704-7400 with any concerns or questions you may have regarding the safety and security of your business.  Don’t wait!  We are here for all your Alabama business insurance needs.