Flatbed Trailer InsuranceIf you own a flatbed truck or a fleet of them, you have spent more than your share of hours on the road transporting the typical oversized loads.  Whether you are hauling construction materials, heavy machinery, or sheet metal, you know there are some perks to hauling these big loads.  However, accidents on the road can happen, especially when you are hauling heavy goods that can come loose, spill, get damaged, or shift.  Consider the optimum insurance protection you need today for your flatbed trailer insurance.

Regardless of precautionary measures when securing your load(s), accidents can still happen which is why your insurance protection is essential. When you have an accident, you must consider the safety of others on the roadway, the protection of your goods being hauled, as well as the protection of your flatbed trailer itself.  If you have inadequate insurance protection, you may be faced with astronomical costs that could jeopardize your financial well-being.

Flatbed Trailer Insurance Coverages Options to Consider, but Not Limited to:

Auto Liability- This trucking insurance is not only essential but required.  This coverage is designed for third party damages.  If you are responsible for an accident and someone else suffers injury or damages, then you are liable for the damages.  Without adequate insurance, you could be faced with exorbitant expenses along with hefty legal costs associated with lawsuits.  Auto liability coverage includes both Property Damage (to others) and Bodily Injury (to others) as a result of your negligence, up to the limit of liability acquired.

Trucker’s General Liability- This insurance is designed to protect you against accidents/claims that happen in the day-to-day business operations or services you provide.  Situations may include a “slip and fall” or an accident when unloading cargo.  It is recommended you have this type of insurance protection in an effort to protect your trucking business, your assets, and business reputation.

Physical Damage Insurance- Your flatbed truck is an investment, so this type of insurance is designed for damages to your flatbed truck/trailer caused from a collision (Collision Coverage) or something other than a collision (Comprehensive Coverage), such as fire, theft, and vandalism.  Collision Coverage and Comprehensive Coverage are both subject to applicable deductibles.

Cargo Insurance- If you are a trucker, then you are typically hauling precious cargo.  However, what happens when the unexpected happens and you are now faced with damaged or destroyed goods that can’t be delivered as promised?  Having cargo insurance is essential and is designed to protect your cargo when damaged/destroyed by a covered peril.

Other Coverage Options to Consider- Loading & Unloading, Towing & Storage, Debris & Removal, Earned Freight, and More.  It is recommended you contact your local Alabama independent insurance agent for additional information.

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