Fleet Safety ManagementFleet management is a multi-faceted and taxing responsibility that requires business owners to stay on top of their fleet vehicles.  Whether it is a larger business utilizing many large trucks or a small business that has just a few vehicles, the tasks at hand are to minimize cost expenditures, optimize efficiency, increase productivity, and stay on top of vehicle maintenance, to name a few.  Simply put, managing commercial fleet vehicles/trucks is no easy task.

According to the U.S. GAO, (U.S. Government Accountability Office) utilizing telecommunications and other applications (telematics) to control and see the status of the commercial vehicles can provide fleet managers with key information in an effort to address common issues and provide sound tracking solutions.

The Name of the Game is Minimize Losses; Maximize Fleet Operations

Business owners want to find a means to keep their fleet claims down but need sound business solutions to improve fleet safety management in an effort to do so. So, how do business managers maximize their fleet operations and still minimize their fleet losses?  The good news is that there are companies designed to do just that.  In fact, one of the more reputable fleet safety management companies is Azuga. Azuga is not only on the leaderboard for maximizing fleet operations, but for offering simple GPS tracking solutions that won’t keep you behind the desk all day looking at reports.

Some Key Benefits of Using Azuga Include, but Not Limited to:

Fleet Safety Tracking- Fleet tracking solutions promote safety among the fleet drivers by acknowledging and addressing some common issues such as driver safety, costly fuel expenditures, and driver/worker productivity and efficiency. Fleet safety tracking helps businesses stay on track while boosting safety, increasing work performance, and improves driving skills.  Accidents cost on the average $16,500 per crash so finding a sound strategy to reduce that is dynamic.

Fleet Telematics- Fleet managers need to know what is going on with their fleet and what better way to do it than through fleet telematics.  While there are other GPS companies out there that can provide fleet telematics, Azuga is at the top of the leader board by providing quick and timely information surrounding the fleet operations.  Once issues are known and seen, the fleet manager can then immediately contact the driver about issues and work to correct them.  Azuga can provide the following strategies to include:

  • A live map in order to keep tabs on your mobile fleet
  • Accurate ETAs which promote efficiency and reduces fuel consumption
  • Driver excellence rewards
  • GPS- Azuga GPS can track cell phone usage, long breaks, speeding, and can monitor vehicle diagnostics or vehicle issues, all of which need to be assessed and addressed.

Safety/Dash Cam- This key component serves as an eyewitness to an accident. If an accident occurs, the safety cam allows you to see the accident details, (including any erratic driving or fault of your driver) and can mitigate liability if necessary.   

Sound Solutions for Your Fleet Safety Management

With this powerful technology and company, fleet management no longer needs to be overwhelming.  Commercial auto insurance telematics truly can optimize safety and minimize cost.  If you have any questions regarding fleet safety management or how Azuga can offer sound solutions, contact Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency TODAY at 256-704-7400.