Going Solar-What You Should KnowSolar energy has become a topic of debate as the “up and coming” energy source.  What used to be an unconventional and pricey alternative energy source is now becoming more widely used and acknowledged by many homeowners and businesses.  In fact, solar energy is experiencing strong growth in the U.S. and with an increasing number of Americans choosing to power their daily lives with the sun’s energy, this trend is expected to continue. Going solar-what you should know.

Many people are looking for ways to utilize clean energy and save money and if this is on the forefront of your mind, there are considerations when trying to decide if using solar energy is right for you.

Below Are Some Key Traits About Going Solar, but Not Limited to: 

  • Energy Efficient- By using the sun’s energy as an energy source, you can save money on your energy bill which after time, will pay for the costs to go solar.
  • Clean Energy- The “clean energy” industry generates billions and is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years.
  • Costs Are Coming Down- This type of energy used to be extremely expensive but with the clean energy revolution, prices are coming down and new improvements are rapidly being introduced which makes it more available and appealing to people worldwide.
  • Tax Credits
  • Unique Appearance
  • Energy Independence

Considerations Before Making a Decision

While there are many perks outlined, there are other factors to explore before you make the final decision.

Electrical Hazards- If the solar panels are installed incorrectly, it can lead to power disruptions, fire, and burning wires. If you do experience a fire, firefighters are faced with certain issues such as roof ventilation issues and electrocution risks; therefore, training for solar energy is on the forefront of their training.

Faulty Installation- A faulty installation of solar equipment can lead to many issues such as reduction in efficiency or damaging of your roof. Imagine having solar panels on your roof that are improperly installed when a snow and ice storm hit.  If it isn’t installed correctly, the weight of the ice and snow may cause the panels to cave in.

Equipment- It is recommended you invest in the newer models as they have more built-in technology and more safety features than do the older ones.

Licensed Contractor- It is recommended you ONLY hire a licensed contractor that is insured and bonded, has a good business reputation, experience, and highly skilled. Never let an unlicensed electrician install solar equipment or someone who claims to know what they are doing without seeing their credentials.

If you do decide to go solar, it is recommended you discuss with your local Alabama independent insurance agent and your local fire department, so they are aware of your solar usage. There are many perks if you know the potential drawbacks of consideration. If you have any questions or concerns about going solar, contact us at Burkett & Associates and we will be happy to assist you.