Products Products and liquor Liability Claims liquor Liability ClaimsIf you own a restaurant you know how important your reputation is relative to the food served and customer service provided, and when your patrons dine in your restaurant, you want them to have a wonderful dining experience and come back regularly. However, sometimes things happen and suddenly you may be faced with some unpleasant consequences. If you own a restaurant, you need to know how to avoid products and liquor liability losses in order to preserve your restaurant reputation, assets, and survival.

Risky Business 

The restaurant business is a risky business that is faced with many hazards on a daily basis. However generous the profits and gratification, there are many risks that could jeopardize your restaurant that you have worked so hard to build. Two of the biggest risks the restaurant industry faces include foodborne illness and the improper serving of alcohol.

If one of your patrons gets sick as a result of contaminated food or someone is over served at the bar and gets into an auto accident as a result, you could be faced with products and liquor liability claims that could result in a hefty lawsuit, fines, loss of liquor license, and a bad reputation. 

Reduce the Risk of Foodborne Illness  

Did you know that every year in the U.S. that 1 in 6 people are affected from foodborne illness and from that 3,000 people die? It may be hard to imagine these facts, but the facts don’t lie. Restaurants have to follow stringent measures to ensure the food is kept safe, cooked properly and handled cleanly so that the patrons are not contaminated with foodborne illness. Even with proper procedures, sometimes things happen and food becomes contaminated. The FDA has established some ways you can help to reduce the risk of contaminated food in your Alabama restaurant.

  • Make sure all employees practice good hygiene (washing of hands, etc.)
  • Follow guidelines on proper cooking measures and temperatures
  • Enforce the safety of food storage, such as proper ventilation and temperature, along with regular extermination processes
  • Practice quality control regarding your food suppliers and distributers
  • Adequately clean all equipment used in the restaurant
  • Ensure the proper temperatures for refrigeration and freezer
  • Routinely provide training to all employees on the handling, cooking, storing, and serving of food
  • Be aware of all ingredients in each item(s) served in your restaurant

Being aware of and implementing these safety measures can help reduce the risk of someone getting sick at your restaurant. 

Enforce Alcohol Safety to Avoid Liquor Liability  

If your restaurant serves and/or sells alcohol, you face some serious risks if your servers are not trained properly. Imagine that someone in your establishment is clearly intoxicated but continues to be served drinks. Stumbling out to his car, he drives out of the lot and hits a pedestrian, causing extensive injuries. Now, as a result, your restaurant is faced with a hefty lawsuit that could jeopardize the future of your business. Below are some essential parameters that your staff should follow to help avoid or at least reduce the risk of being faced with liquor liability.

  • Card everyone that appears to be under the age of 30
  • Prohibit the serving of alcohol to anyone who is clearly intoxicated and have a plan in place for getting that person home safely
  • Promote the implementation of all the rules/regulations
  • Provide regular training to all the staff regarding alcohol safety

Unexpected Situations May Happen 

In the restaurant industry, regardless of how careful you are, unexpected situations may still happen and you must be prepared when they do. We, at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, understand the many risks your Alabama restaurant faces and we are here to help minimize those risks and ensure longevity in your business by providing the right type of business insurance. Give us a call today with any questions you may have regarding products and liquor liability at 256-704-7400. We are here for all of your Alabama insurance needs.