Insurance Protection for Your RestaurantAs an Alabama restaurant owner, you are faced with juggling many responsibilities such as managing food supplies, training employees on health and safety regulations, and most importantly providing customer service and delicious food to all your customers.  However, regardless of how careful you are in your business operations, unfortunate situations can still happen which is why insurance protection for your restaurant is crucial.

In an effort to adequately protect your restaurant business, you must invest in the right type of business insurance protection that is unique to your distinctive restaurant.  While you may find “cookie cutter” business insurance policies promising the best rate, you must ask yourself whether your specific coverage needs will be met, or will you be left struggling to keep the doors open should something catastrophic happen.  While your Alabama restaurant is perhaps your biggest investment, can you afford to NOT have the right type of restaurant protection?

Some Typical Scenarios Restaurant Owners May Encounter

The restaurant business comes with its own unique set of risks that without adequate insurance protection could destroy your business, wipe out your assets, and ruin your business reputation.  Would you be able to financially withstand the following scenarios if they happen to your restaurant?  Imagine if…

  • A customer slips and falls while dining in your establishment, suffers a broken arm that requires surgery, and now you are faced with significant medical bills and a potential lawsuit.
  • Your refrigeration units malfunction which results in an entire food spoilage.
  • Over 50 patrons who dined in your restaurant over the weekend have been diagnosed with foodborne illness and now the news of this is broadcast all over local television stations and news/social media. As a result, you experience a temporary shut down and now your reputation is tarnished.
  • Your restaurant catches fire that destroys most of your establishment. Now you must deal with temporarily relocating while your restaurant is being restored or rebuilt.

Are you prepared to handle any of these situations if it happens to you?  Or do you have peace of mind that if it does that you have adequate Alabama business insurance protection?

Typical Alabama Restaurant Coverage Options for Your Consideration, but Not Limited to:

  • General Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Food Spoilage/Refrigerated Property
  • Workers Compensation
  • Business Property
  • EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance)
  • Business Income Coverage
  • Business Auto
  • Defense/Legal Costs

From customers, to employees, to restaurant suppliers, you have a lot to juggle, so leave the insurance protection to our staff at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency.  We understand your unique restaurant needs and can design an insurance protection policy that considers your risks and develops an insurance policy designed to minimize those risks while optimizing your business success.  This way, you have peace of mind that knowing when the unfortunate happens, you KNOW you have the needed protection within a budget you can afford.  Call us TODAY at 256-704-7400.