Is Your Business a Target for a Cyberattack?As a business owner, you have invested time, energy, and money to build your business and reputation.  In fact, your livelihood has been flourishing until you find out that your computers were hacked, and now personal, valuable information has been stolen.  Stolen credit card numbers and customers’ personal information means their identities are up for grabs.  This type of criminal activity can wreak havoc on your business operations, not to mention your business reputation.  A breach of security on businesses just like yours happens all the time, especially in our technological savvy world, so you need to be prepared to adequately protect your business from cyber-criminal activity.  Without the right plan of action and protection, you may be left with a tarnished reputation along with exorbitant costs to rectify the damages resulting from cyber-criminal activity.  Is your business a target for a cyberattack?

Minimize the Likelihood of a Cyberattack on Your Business

Stay proactive!  Never wait until an incident occurs to get your game plan intact.  Hackers invest a huge amount of time searching for weaknesses within your business network and software so they can infiltrate to steal valuable data.  You need to have a plan of action ready in an effort to protect your business assets, your customers’ identities, and your business reputation.  Below are some ways to minimize the chances of a cyberattack:

Always be Prepared- Never underestimate the workings of cyber criminals.  Hacking into businesses to steal valuable and personal data is big business and once they access your files/computers, you will be faced with a multitude of complications. Always be prepared and protected.     

Regularly Update Your Databases- Hackers are constantly looking for loopholes to gain access into computer systems, so it is imperative you stay on top of any updates to your databases as they become available.  These updates are for your protection and serve as a way to enforce the most current safety technology.  Remember, your goal is to minimize the risk of cyber-criminal activity to your business.

Encrypt All Data- In an effort to protect all your private files, you should encrypt any data deemed to be personal and valuable.  Having it encrypted is a smart way to keep unauthorized users out of your computer.

Enforce Training- Make sure you routinely train all your employees on risk factors surrounding cyberattacks.  In fact, it is also recommended you develop a team designed to handle damages resulting from a cyberattack should your business fall victim.  Having a response team in place to handle and assess damages means you are ready and prepared to handle any issues forthcoming.

Cyberattack Protection

Cyberattacks on businesses make the news headlines frequently and our staff at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency understands that businesses just like yours can be a target. We are here to assist with all your Alabama business needs and can discuss ways to have the necessary protection in place to protect you, your business, and customers.  Call us TODAY at 256-704-7400 to discuss cyber security protection for your Alabama business.