Trucking Insurance for Small Motor CarriersThe trucking industry is fundamentally risky by nature and when an accident happens, the damages can be substantial.  Not having the right Alabama trucking insurance for small motor carriers can be devastating for your financial stability and the success of your trucking business, so while many companies may offer a cheaper alternative, why not find the best solution at an affordable price?  Your Alabama trucking business deserves a custom designed insurance package that takes into consideration the many unique features and risks exclusive to your business and offers sound solutions for optimum protection.

Our Business is to Protect Your Trucking Business

Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency is an Alabama based independent insurance agency that focuses on your specialized trucking insurance needs to provide a policy you can afford.  Some of the core reasons trucking businesses trust Burkett & Associates to recognize the most common risks unique to YOUR business are:

  1. We realize the trucking industry is fast changing and we are on top of the latest trends, government regulations and standards to keep your insurance protection top-notch. As the industry changes, so might your insurance protection.
  2. We recognize there are challenges for smaller motor carriers to find the right type of insurance protection so we focus on the needs and resources to address those obstacles and offer affordable insurance coverage to those smaller motor carriers. Our commitment is to prioritize your long-term protection and success of your Alabama trucking business.
  3. We consider your specific trucking business when offering customized coverage options such as the size of your business and the most common risks prevalent to your business. Not only that, but we will help to manage your SMS scores and format a risk management strategy designed to maximize your commercial insurance protection.  Your business is unique and we are dedicated to finding unique insurance protection instead of “one-size fits all” insurance policy that is repeatedly marketed.
  4. Because we are an independent insurance agency, we corroborate with many of the top-rated expert trucking insurance carriers to find the best coverage options that precisely meet all of your Alabama trucking insurance needs with reasonable pricing options.

With You and For You

As your local Transportation Risk Specialist, we, at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency, are committed to working with you and for you to find the right type of insurance protection for smaller motor carriers and can assist you with any questions you may have regarding all of your Alabama trucking insurance needs.  Call us TODAY at 256-704-7400.