Power Outage PlanningAlabama is no stranger to severe weather situations so when a tornado or hurricane strikes bringing heavy winds and rains, it’s no surprise that you may be in store for a power outage.  Regardless of how power outages happen, you need to have power outage planning underway.  Staying safe is essential during a power outage that can last for hours or days so you must be prepared.

Below Are Some Tips to Follow Regarding a Potential Power Outage: 

Planning ahead won’t prevent power from going out, but it can mean you have the necessary preparations in place to weather the storm, until your power is restored.

Stock Up on Food/Water- Typically you are given a fair warning of severe weather, so if there is a potential for power outages in your area, it is a good idea to stock up on bottled water and non-perishable food items just in case you are without power for an extended period. 

Charge Your Electronics- With the threat of losing power, you will want to charge up any electronics such as your computer and phone.  It may be wise to invest in a car charger so that if you lose power, your phone can be charged in the car. 

Fill Your Car Up with Gas- Losing power may mean you won’t be able to find a gas station that has any fuel.  BEFORE the power outage, fill up your car with gas. 

Purchase Bags of Ice- In a power outage situation, you may lose some food in the process, so it is recommended you purchase bags of ice to place into coolers to preserve any food you may be worried about. 

Keep Your Refrigerator/Freezer Closed- When your power goes out, do NOT open the refrigerator/freezer doors as this will diminish the time period your food will remain cold. 

Gather all Candles/Batteries/Portable Radios- Before the power goes out, collect all flashlights, batteries, and portable radios to guarantee some light and communication with the outside world. 

Consider Purchasing a Generator- Generators come in a variety of price ranges, but perhaps consider purchasing one within your price range so that if power goes out, you can at least have some basic electrical conveniences until the power is restored. 

Weatherproof Your Home- During the cold months of the year, winter storms can create ice on the power lines, leaving the possibility of a power outage a real threat.  It is recommended that with the threat of a power outage, you should weatherproof your doors and windows and also insulate any pipes to keep them from bursting.  Also, keep many blankets on hand.

Don’t be in the dark!  The reality of a power outage is that it may last a few hours, days, or even weeks, so preparation if a must. Following the above recommended tips can help you and your family stay safe while weathering any storm until finally, the lights come on!