TelematicsIf you are a business owner with fleet vehicle(s), you know the inherent risks each time you or one of your drivers gets behind the wheel of the vehicle.  Distracted driving, erratic driving, and speeding (just to mention a few) all pose a risk to your fleet vehicles, employees, and others on the roadway.  Accidents do happen; however, with certain preemptive behaviors, some accidents can be avoided, which in the long run can save your business money, reduce the risk of lawsuits, and protect your employees. Find out about telematics and common advantages for your business.

How Telematics Can Benefit Your Business

Telematics is a device that can be installed in vehicles to decrease the risks of accidents. By providing a vast amount of data on the vehicles and drivers, you have a way NOT to “spy” on your drivers but find ways to detect weakness in customer service or poor driving habits. Detecting issues and discovering ways to resolve those issues is an integral role in risk management.  Below are some incentives to installing telematics in your fleet vehicles:

Demonstrates to Your Employees a Higher Degree of Care- Once your employees can see how it positively impacts customer service and fleet performance, they will be on-board.

Identifies Poor Driving Habits- This device, once installed, can monitor driving habits such as braking too hard, speeding, or erratic changes in speed. With this information, “safe driving” training can be implemented to correct these issues before they turn into accidents.

Provides Details of Accidents with Use of the Cameras- Because telematics includes cameras, it can more accurately determine the fault of the driver.  This is an especially powerful tool if the other driver is placing blame on one of your fleet drivers.

Improves Customer Service- With telematics you will always know the exact location of your vehicles which means you can pinpoint delivery times and pick up times.  This has a positive impact on customer service which benefits your company and business reputation.

Monitors Vehicle Performance- This device can detect a malfunction in the vehicle and by identifying it may save money with a quicker, less expensive fix than if not detected until later when a breakdown occurs.  Keeping your vehicles in proper working order can keep your drivers on the road more consistently than having fleet issues because you failed to identify issues.

Benefit Your Business Today

Once you learn the benefits of utilizing telematics, you will see how it can save you and your business money.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding telematics, contact our offices at Burkett & Associates today and we will explain how this technology can be adapted to your specific Alabama business needs.  Don’t wait!  Call us today at 256-704-7400.