Trucking Insurance CoverageThe trucking industry is growing and can be profitable; however, there are many inherent risks involved in this business.  Hauling heavy cargo across the roadways in big rigs can turn catastrophic quickly and as a trucker, you need to be ready for when it does.  Accidents involving trucks/rigs can result in damages that are exorbitant in nature, which is why having the right type of protection is essential.  Failing to have adequate trucking insurance coverage options to meet your unique Alabama trucking needs, you could be faced with financial demise.

Typical Alabama Trucking Insurance Coverage Options to Consider, but Not Limited to:

Cargo Insurance- The trucking industry revolves around hauling cargo and this type of insurance is designed to protect your precious cargo from damages that may result during loading, unloading, and hauling.  Note that some exclusions may apply so it is recommended you discuss with your local Alabama independent insurance agent for information on specific exclusions, provisions, and conditions.

General Liability- General liability insurance includes both bodily injury and property damage claims that may happen on your property but does not pertain to injuries or damages involving a truck.  An example may be a “slip and fall” while a customer is loading his/her rig.

Auto Liability- This required liability insurance encompasses both property damage and bodily injury third party claims that arise out of the negligent operation of your truck.

Physical Damage- This optional coverage is designed to protect your actual truck/trailer for damages and encompasses both comprehensive and collision coverage.  Collison coverage protects the rig/trailer itself for damages as a result of a collision.  If you have a lien on the truck/trailer, this coverage is typically required. Comprehensive coverage protects your rig/trailer from losses from vandalism, fire, lightning or theft and both coverages are subject to a deductible. It is suggested you discuss the value of your truck/trailer with your local Alabama independent insurance agent to make sure you have the right established value for your truck.

Workers Compensation- Typically, this is mandated insurance protection for the employees who sustain injury and/or sickness during the scope of employment.

Non-Trucking Liability- This coverage is designed to protect the driver of the truck (without the trailer) while he/she is operating their truck on their own time.

Non-Owned Trailer Liability- This insurance is designed to protect the trailer you are pulling for another person.

Warehouse Legal- This type of coverage protection is designed to protect any goods stored at specified locations against covered perils, such as fire and theft.

Trailer Interchange Liability- This coverage is basically physical damage insurance protection for non-owned trailers.  It protects you should a covered loss happen to the trailer, such as fire, lightning, vandalism or theft.

We Understand Your Trucking Transportation Needs

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