Umbrella Insurance CoverageNobody likes to think about catastrophic accidents happening, but they do!  Within a split second, tragedy can strike, and you need to be prepared by having the right type of protection in place. Imagine having a pool party for your son’s graduation at your home.  Everyone is having a good time until the unthinkable happens… one of your guests dives into the pool, hits his head on the bottom and as a result has suffered permanent brain damage.  Your homeowners liability insurance isn’t enough to pay for these permanent damages he suffered, so what happens next?  You need to find out about umbrella insurance protection today.

Grab the Umbrella

Before you get soaked, grab your umbrella…umbrella coverage that is. Just what is umbrella insurance protection, and do you really need it?

Let’s look at the above scenario and consider NOT having an umbrella.  Assume your Alabama homeowners liability limits are 100,000 per person for injuries someone sustains while on your property.  With someone suffering from brain damage, $100,000 won’t come close to covering those medical bills, so any judgement/settlement above and beyond the limits of liability will be your responsibility.  Can you afford that?

A personal umbrella policy is designed for additional (excess) coverage protection that is above and beyond your primary liability policy, whether you are talking about homeowners or auto. Once the limits of liability under the primary policy have been exhausted, you would be eligible for protection (under an umbrella) for $1 million or more in liability protection for covered losses. Umbrella insurance is designed for catastrophic losses that can and do happen.

Imagine This Happening

One rainy night you are travelling home from work and decide to check your phone.  You only look down for a split second when you notice traffic has stopped.  Slamming on the brakes to avoid the car in front of you causes you to lose control of the car and cross the center line.  You hit another vehicle head on causing severe injuries to the other driver and the passengers.

You can bet your bottom dollar your Alabama auto liability limits will not be adequate to cover all the injuries in the other vehicle, leaving you responsible and exposed to some real financial difficulties. This is when you need the umbrella.  This is an extra layer of liability protection above and beyond your home, auto, or even boat policies in the situation that your liability limits are exhausted.  This umbrella protection provides excess coverage while easing your mind that if the unthinkable happens, you will have the adequate protection in place to protect you, your family, and assets.

Get Your Umbrella Insurance Protection Today to Avoid Getting Soaked

If you don’t have an Alabama umbrella insurance policy or are considering one, call us today at Burkett & Associates Insurance Agency and we can answer all your questions. For a nominal fee, you can get the protection you need and deserve for when catastrophic accidents happen.  Call us TODAY at 256-704-7400.