Avoid Slips and Trips This WinterThe excitement of the holidays is over, and winter is upon us.  While you may be excited to experience snow and winter weather conditions, you may not be as thrilled if you fall on a slick surface this winter.  Falling onto a hard surface can be shocking to your body and can cause many injuries such as broken bones, bruises, or concussions.  Every winter, thousands of people slip and fall due to slick surfaces, but you can find ways to avoid these slips and trips.

Ways You Can Avoid the Slip and Slide This Winter

Winter months can be tricky.  You may look at the street or sidewalk and view it as clear, only to step onto it and experience a severe fall on the concrete. When snowy and icy weather hits, you can’t just stay inside…your life continues, but you can minimize the risk of slipping, sliding, or falling this winter if you follow these essential tips:

Clear Your Driveway and Walkways- When winter weather happens, make sure you take necessary action to clear your walkways and driveway for safety.  If you are physically unable to perform this task, ask a neighbor or perhaps a young adult who may need extra money to assist.

Allow for Extra Time- If you must leave your home during bad weather conditions, allow for extra time. Running late and scurrying to get to your destination is a recipe for disaster and will only increase your chances of an accident.

Carry a Cellphone- It is recommended you carry a cellphone when leaving your home in case of a slip, fall, or any other accident.  This way you can contact any necessary medical facility for assistance or let an emergency contact know what has happened.  Without this, you may be left stranded in the cold, unable to move or notify anyone of what has happened.

Use Extra Caution- Just because the ground looks dry or damp doesn’t mean it isn’t slippery.  Use extra caution when walking to avoid a fall by taking smaller steps with a wider gait.

Dress for the Weather- Before leaving your home, dress warmly for the weather conditions. Consider wearing a hat, scarf, gloves, and boots/shoes with extra traction to avoid a slip and fall.

Avoid Slips and Trips and Stay Safe This Winter!

You can minimize your risk of slips, trips, and falls by taking precautionary measures as listed above.  Falling on slick surfaces can be unforgiving to your body and traumatic, so pay attention and say safe! Enjoy your winter!