Winter proof your vehicleCold weather is upon us, and you can expect even more severe cold temperatures in the upcoming months.  There is nothing worse than going outside in severe weather, whether there is ice, snow, freezing rain, or just plain cold, and getting into a car that won’t start or is having issues.  Winter can be rough on automobiles especially when you fail to take the necessary measures to protect your car from colder temperatures. To protect your mode of transportation, there are ways you can winter proof your vehicle.

Below Are Essential Tips to Keeping Your Car Safe and Reliable This Winter

As the temperatures drop, you need to prioritize vehicle maintenance to keep you and your vehicle safe.  Here are some helpful tips for you to follow, starting TODAY:

Check Your Battery- It is freezing cold, and you get inside your car only to find out the battery is dead.  Colder temperatures can kill a car battery so before the battery dies, leaving you stranded, consider the age of the battery and if it is four to five years old, it is recommended you go ahead and replace it.  Also check the battery connectors to look for any rust or corrosion which can impair the battery operation.

Tire Pressure- Once colder temperatures hit, it is recommended you check the tire pressure in all 4 tires.  The air pressure decreases about 1 psi for every 10-degree temperature drop which is why sometimes you may get the notification that your tire pressure is low when there is a significant drop in temperatures.  During the winter months it is wise to check the tire pressure once per month for under-inflation which can lead to a possible blow out.

Tire Inspection- Before the snow and icy conditions hit, you should check the tread on your tires.  Driving on slick tires is dangerous and can lead to accidents.

Pack an Emergency Kit- Imagine driving in severe weather conditions and getting stranded at night on the side of the road.  Without an emergency kit, what will you do? Sitting in a broken-down car in the winter, waiting for help is never desirable so make sure you have a survival kit with you, just in case.  Some things to consider in this kit should include the following:

  • Blankets
  • Flashlights
  • Water
  • Phone charger
  • Small shovel
  • Work gloves
  • Heavy duty trash bags
  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Jumper cables
  • Road flares

Routine Check on Windshield Wipers/Fluid- Take a preemptive measure by having this checked in your car, prior to severe cold weather. Don’t wait until the first snow falls when you attempt to use your windshield wipers and they are not working properly.  This can lead to poor visibility and increase the likelihood of an accident. Filling up the anti-freezing fluid along with new windshield wipers can help increase safety and visibility on the roadways.

Wash and Wax- Before the snow and ice fall, it is recommended you wash and wax your vehicle since the protective layers wear over time. Doing this will help winter proof your car and protect it from rusting.

Check Belts and Hoses- Winter weather/temperatures can cause the rubber hoses and belts to deteriorate, which can leave you stranded, so make sure you inspect them BEFORE you get stranded.

Check Engine Coolant- Coolant is designed to prevent the engine from freezing in the winter months and helps prevent the accumulation of rust and corrosion in the engine.

Winter Proof Now Before Winter Hits

Taking care of your vehicle is essential if you want reliable transportation, so by following these helpful tips you can enjoy the winter weather without having to worry about your vehicle failing you. If you have any questions or concerns about winter proofing your vehicle, call us TODAY at 256-704-7400. We are here for all your Alabama auto insurance needs. Stay safe!