What Exactly is Infotainment Data?You probably have heard of your vehicle having a “black box”, otherwise known as an EDR (event data recorder), especially if you have purchased a car in the last 6 or 7 years. With today’s technological advances, 96 percent of all vehicles sold in the U.S, have a black box that recognizes if you have a significant impact, swerve off the road, or slam on the brakes suddenly. But what you may not know is that now the auto industry is making newer vehicles with black boxes AND Infotainment Data (IVI).  If you have never heard of this, don’t worry…most people have not, but what exactly is Infotainment Data?

What is a Car Infotainment System?

IVI (in-vehicle infotainment) was designed to implement advanced software and hardware inside the newer vehicles computer that can provide entertainment along with infotainment that is different from the black box.  The IVI provides advanced measures of technology that allow recording and saving of all data, whereas the black box only saves data when there is a significant collision, substantial slamming of the brakes, or erratic swerving off the roadways.

Some Common Benefits of IVI

Most vehicles made since 2015 have some type of car infotainment system and every time a device is connected to Bluetooth or USB, all the information is recorded and saved.  Below are some typical benefits of IVI, but not limited to:

Enhances both the driver and passengers’ driving/riding experience by informing and entertaining- While informing the driver of needed maintenance information, headset integration, driver assistance, and blind-spot detection, the IVI can also entertain passengers with audio and video and even provide climate control.

Uses recorded data to combat potential auto fraud- Many fraudsters will try to say the vehicle was involved in an accident with injuries sustained, yet the IVI can determine exact number of people in car, any damages, etc.

Provides pertinent information regarding auto accidents- Assume someone was killed in an auto accident and the investigation was pending on the cause.  IVI will show whether someone was on the phone, texting while driving, or using apps on their mobile device.  It will also show how many people were in the car at the time of the accident.

Provides in-car entertainment- It controls the sound system to include radio, stereo, navigation, and videos. If your auto has a rear entertainment system, the infotainment system manages what’s playing for passengers in the back.

With increasing technological advances on the horizon, how we access information in our cars will continue to change.  Who knows what will be next?  If you have any questions or concerns regarding infotainment data, please feel free to contact us at 256-704-7400.