Business Insurance-Is Price the Only Factor?Your business may be your biggest investment yet, so in order to protect it you must assess your business risks and from there optimize business solutions to minimize those risks.  While that may seem simplistic, there are many variables to consider when shopping for the best insurance protection most suited for your Alabama business needs.  While many insurance advertisers focus on the “price point” as the selling feature, you need to ask yourself “Is price the only factor?”

Price Isn’t the Only Factor When Choosing Your Business Insurance

Unfortunate accidents that happen at the workplace can wreak havoc on your financial stability in the blink of an eye and as a business manager, you must acknowledge the more common risk exposures prevalent in your type of business and make sure those risks are minimized.

Imagine starting your business and signing with the insurer who offered the cheapest price, yet when an accident occurs you find out you have inadequate insurance and gaps in your coverage.  If your Alabama insurance coverage is inadequate, it doesn’t matter how cheap the rate is if you are left in the hole following a catastrophic accident.  Your business deserves optimum business protection unique to your specific business needs while still considering a premium rate you can afford.

Some Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Business Insurance Protection  

Solid Alabama Independent Insurance Agent- Working with an independent insurance agent means working with someone who works for YOU and not the insurance company.  By communicating with him/her, you can rest assured your business needs are being protected by the right coverage options.  Your independent agent can shop your needed coverage options with top insurers to find insurance protection you can afford.

Superior Customer Service- This element is essential when looking for the right insurance carrier.  Experiencing a loss is bad enough but following the loss it is imperative you find an insurance carrier who offers superior customer service regarding

  • Reporting the Loss
  • Assistance Through the Process
  • Fair/Prompt Claims Settlement

Nothing is worse than needing assistance and having to deal with a substandard company who is unwilling to offer help or unable to be reached.

Excellent Rating- Do your homework! Insurance companies have AM Best rating scores so make sure you choose one that has an excellent (A) rating so you are confident that your business is protected with an insurance carrier that is top notch.

Customized Protection- The best insurance isn’t a “one size fits all” type of protection.  Finding customized protection to fit your specific unique business needs is optimum to minimizing your financial risks.  Working with your local Alabama independent insurance agent can ensure you get the protection you need and deserve.

Accessibility- The ease of being able to report a claim/loss may seem insignificant until you actually experience one and need to report it right away.  Many insurance companies offer easy access to reporting losses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  However, imagine having an incident over the weekend and needing to wait until Monday to even report the loss.  The quicker you can report the incident, the quicker you can resolve it.

You Can Have It All! 

With our assistance at Burkett & Associates, you can have it all.  Not only can we shop your needed business coverage options that will meet your Alabama business needs, we will also find the right insurance with your budget in mind.  Call us TODAY at 256-704-7400 to give your business the protection it needs and deserves.