Hiring Safe DriversRunning a successful business can be difficult.  Making sure your employees are trained sufficiently, enforcing rules and regulations, producing good quality services/products, and setting forth a strong work ethic are all factors in the success of your business.  But what about making sure your drivers are practicing safety procedures when they are in the scope of your business?  In an effort to survive and maintain a good business reputation, you should be mindful when hiring drivers for your Alabama business.

Imagine that you own a catering business and one of your delivery workers quits suddenly, a few days before a wedding reception. In a pinch to replace that driver, you hire someone who “claims” to have a perfect driving record, dresses nicely, and speaks well, only to find out you made a terrible mistake AFTER the fact.  Not only did the new hired driver wreck the van en route to the reception, but showed up with alcohol on his breath, wearing dirty clothes, and was an hour late.  Think about that for a minute.  This person shows up in YOUR work van, representing your company and fails to provide the type of service expected by you and those hosting the reception.

Before Hiring Drivers for Your Business, Consider the Following Guidelines: 

If you own a business that uses drivers in any capacity, you understand the importance of safety.  Each time that driver gets into your commercial van/truck/car, he/she represents you, your business, and your reputation.   Below are some guidelines that you can follow to hire the safest drivers possible for your Alabama business:

  • Validate all driving certifications of any candidate
  • Perform background checks- Background checks will show employment verification, evidence of criminal records, driving record, and education confirmation.
  • Validate all safety records and previous employers of any potential fleet driver
  • Obtain the MVR (Motor Vehicle Report)- The MVR shows a person’s driving history which includes any convictions of driving under the influence, traffic violations, or unpaid parking tickets.
  • Ensure all rules, regulations, qualifications and standards are clearly communicated to each potential hire
  • Require both written and road tests for each candidate

Whether you have drivers that work on a full-time or part-time basis for business duties, they are all considered commercial drivers and safety must be monitored and enforced closely.  Making sure each of your drivers follows protocol can help minimize accidents and promote a positive impact on your business and reputation.

The Best Drivers Are the Safest Drivers 

Hiring safe drivers for your Alabama business means the less likelihood of accidents occurring.  Hiring someone with a poor driving history equates to the likelihood of more accidents happening.  By hiring the best drivers, you may even be eligible for a possible reduction in your insurance premium rates.  

Just remember, that person driving your van/truck with your company logo represents YOU and your business. Imagine how it would look to see a driver dressed poorly, driving erratically, speeding, and showing signs of road rage all while representing your business.

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