IIHS Top Safety Picks for 2018There are many considerations involved when shopping for a new car and perhaps some of the top factors that lure you may be the color, style, and size, but what about the safety of the car? Before you walk into that car dealership, you should be aware of how the car of your dreams falls into the car safety ratings established by IIHS for 2018.

The Safety of Cars is on the Rise  

As safety technology in the car industry continues to improve, the safety standards and regulations are becoming more stringent to qualify for any type of safety award. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has strict guidelines in place for those vehicles receiving Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ Awards, which ensures that safety is a top priority for cars operating on our roads and highways. Some of the standards that assess the safety of cars in 2018 include the following, but not limited to:

  • Front and Rear Crashes
  • Rollover Crashes
  • Headlights
  • Passenger Side Safety (small overlap front crash test)
  • Airbag Safety

Along with more stringent benchmarks, come fewer cars that receive awards. Only 15 cars received the top award of the Top Safety Pick+ Award, while 47 other vehicles received the 2nd tier award, Top Safety Pick. Those vehicles that score the highest in all the categories are the ones that receive the Safety Top Pick+ Award.

The Safety of the Front Passenger Is Receiving Attention

One of the main focuses in safety of cars for 2018 spotlights the safety of the right front passenger. In the past, not much attention was placed on the safety of the passenger, but now the IIHS has established new testing on the passenger side “small overlap front crash test.” This test is designed to demonstrate the safety of the front passenger, should that car be involved in a significant front crash on that side of the car.

In the past, you may have seen auto crashes where the driver was adequately protected when involved in frontal crashes, yet the passenger suffered serious injuries or even death. Because of this, the manufacturers are giving much more attention to the safety of the passenger and now tougher regulations are in place.

And the Awards Go to…

Hyundai and Subaru are the leaders in meeting the top safety standards and thus, receiving the most Top Safety Pick+ awards. Hyundai received 6 Top Safety+ awards and Subaru received 4. Some other vehicles that scored well and are deemed to be the safest cars in 2018 include BMW, Ford, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz. For a complete listing of the IIHS Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ Awards for 2018, visit the iihs.org website.

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