Damages to Your Home Caused by Heavy RainsFall can mean dealing with a substantial amount of rain precipitation.  Darker and damper weather can also correspond with damages to your home due to the heavier rains that typically accompany the fall season.  Now is the time to consider any potential problems, both inside and outside of your home, and take action to address these issues.  Damages to your home caused by heavy rains may be obvious but, in many cases, may not be detected until the damages are quite substantial.  Take measures today to protect your home before downpours develop.

Staying Safe and Dry During Heavy Rains

You depend on your home to keep you safe and dry, but with heavy precipitation, your home’s defenses could become weakened.  There are many ways you can assess any weak areas in your home and take the necessary measures to repair and/or waterproof those parts.  Below are some areas to inspect, assess, and repair if necessary.

Gutters- Make sure your gutters are free from debris and leaves so that the water will not get backed up and result in water damage to your home.

Roof/Shingles– Routinely inspect your roof for any rotting/soft spots or missing shingles.

Crawl Spaces- Water in crawl spaces is hard to detect unless you do routine inspections to survey for wetness.  If upon inspection you detect water, take the necessary action to correct and also install a sump pump.

Windows/Doors- Each time it rains, you can visually inspect to see whether any rain is coming in from the outside.  Immediately repair and waterproof to avoid any damages from rain coming inside.

Home Exterior- Whether your home is made of wood, brick, or siding, always take a look for any signs of darkness or wetness that could indicate potential damages from water coming in.

Drainage Direction- Inspect the grade of your land and determine that the rain coming from gutters and down spouts is going away from your home foundation and not towards it.

When the Storm Hits 

It is important to prepare for potential damages caused by heavy rains BEFORE the storm hits, not when the storm hits.  Being prepared is key to minimize damages and maximize protection for your home.  If you are in the midst of severe rainstorms, stay inside and simply monitor the areas you can visually see such as the ceiling, windows, and doors.  Look for any types of water entering your home from the outside and decide if you can safely correct the issue or at least prevent it from further causing any damages.

Don’t Get Soaked

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