Fallen Trees and Your Insurance ProtectionThe end of summer and beginning of fall can bring some severe weather, even hurricanes.  In fact, hurricane season is upon us and due to Hurricane Sally, some isolated areas in Alabama suffered torrential rains and wind damages, which often results in fallen trees.  Because of the threat of severe weather conditions looming, it may be a good time to review your Alabama homeowners and auto insurance policies in regard to fallen trees and your insurance protection.

If you ever had the experience of a tree falling on your home or car, you know it can be frightening and may cause significant damages to your property. There are some key things to keep in mind regarding what your Alabama insurance specifically excludes and includes for damages caused by a fallen tree.

Common Scenarios of Damages Caused by Fallen Trees

  1. As a result of lightning, your neighbor’s tree falls onto your car, totaling it.  In this situation, you would not file under any homeowners insurance policy, but would do so under your Alabama auto insurance policy.  Unless your neighbor failed to properly take care of the tree (signs of rotting or disease), it is considered an “act of nature” due to a covered peril (lightning) and your auto insurance typically will provide the coverage needed, less any applicable deductible.
  2. One of your trees falls into the road, causing a roadblock.  Of course, you will want to contact the city to see if they will assume any responsibility for removal of the tree from the road.  If they do assume that part of the tree removal, it will be your responsibility to handle the debris removal and clean-up on your property.  If any damages are done to your property from the tree, your homeowners insurance would typically kick in.  However, each situation/scenario is different, so it is recommended you contact your local Alabama independent insurance agent for further details, conditions, and exclusions on your Alabama homeowners insurance policy.
  3. During a severe storm involving high winds and rainfall, a tree falls on your property and damages your shed, fence and roof.  Your Alabama homeowners insurance will typically allow coverage for the damages along with the tree removal, less any applicable deductible.  An important issue to keep in mind, though, is if you failed to properly take care of the tree that fell and any negligence can be shown on your part, coverage may be excluded.

Tips for When a Tree Falls 

Nobody can stop bad weather from happening, but if you have trees close to your home and car, you may want to contact your local Alabama independent insurance agent to discuss the specifics of your homeowners/auto policies in regard to fallen trees.  Below are some key tips to follow when a tree falls on your property:

  • Document all damages by taking photos
  • Mitigate any further damages
  • Give specific details on how the damages occurred
  • Don’t make any unnecessary repairs until your insurance carrier has inspected the damages

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