Umbrella InsuranceOf one thing you can be sure…unfortunate and devastating situations can occur at the blink of an eye and when they do, will you be prepared?  Regardless of how careful you are, there are risks you face in day-to-day encounters that may result in some serious injury and even lawsuits, especially in our litigious society.  If you drive a car or own a home, then you know what home and auto insurance is, but do you know about umbrella insurance?  If you don’t, then read on!

Umbrella 101

Think of an umbrella as an added layer of security that is designed to protect you, your assets, and financial future.  Umbrella insurance, also referred to as “excess” insurance, is protection for those life moments that turn catastrophic.  This is typically excess coverage of at least $1 million on top of your existing insurance policy (auto, homeowners, business) to safeguard everything you have worked hard to achieve.

For example, let’s assume you are involved in an auto accident.  While on your way home from work, you were distracted by your phone and failed to see traffic stopped ahead.  You plowed into a car going 70 mph that resulted in very serious injuries to the driver.  You carry $100,000 of liability insurance protection on your Alabama auto insurance policy and you are faced with exorbitant medical bills, a probable lawsuit, pain and suffering claims, and anticipated future surgeries.  Your $100,000 of liability insurance won’t last long with this sort of injury.

Don’t Get Soaked!  Get Umbrella Insurance

Without an umbrella, YOU are responsible for any judgment above and beyond your existing limits of liability under your auto insurance policy.  Do you have that kind of money to pay “out of pocket” for a possible judgment that far exceeds your limits of liability?  If the answer is no, then you need to contact your local Alabama independent insurance agent to discuss umbrella insurance protection TODAY.

For a nominal fee, you can get the peace of mind knowing that when life throws a curve ball, you will have the extra protection you need.  Imagine having to drain your life’s savings, retirement accounts, and having your future wages garnished because you didn’t have the right insurance protection in place.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance Protection?

You may think you don’t make enough money to worry about needing that umbrella, but you may be surprised how much you really DO need it.  Umbrella insurance isn’t just for the wealthy.  It is intended to protect those who:

  • Own a Home
  • Have a Job
  • Own Rental Property
  • Have a Teenage Driver
  • Own Pets
  • Own Firearms
  • Have Assets (Savings, Retirement, Investments)
  • Entertain
  • Own watercrafts or recreational vehicles (Jet Ski or ATV)
  • And More!

Risky situations are all around which is why having the right type of insurance protection is vital.  Without it, your job, assets, retirement, home, and future income are all up for grabs.  If you need a risk assessment evaluation and a quote regarding umbrella insurance, Burkett & Associates is here for you.

Having that extra insurance coverage above and beyond your primary policies is priceless!  You can’t prevent disastrous situations from happening, but you can make sure you have peace of mind knowing that when they do, you will have the insurance protection you need and deserve.  Call us TODAY at 256-704-7400 with any questions you may have regarding umbrella insurance.  We are here to assist you with all your Alabama insurance needs.