Hire the Right People to Operate Your Business VehiclesIf you are a business owner that utilizes commercial vehicles for your business, beware who you hire!  You need to prioritize who is operating your fleet vehicles because who drives them reflects on you, your business, and your business reputation.  Most accidents are caused by distracted or careless drivers or drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and you can’t afford to have one of your operators driving irresponsibly.  Hire the right people to operate your business vehicles or you could be jeopardizing your business.

Past Records of Drivers May Correlate to Future Accidents

Studies show that if you have had a succession of accidents in the past, then the likelihood of future accidents rises.  Because of this, it is crucial to make sure each driver applicant signs a waiver allowing you to access their MVR (motor vehicle record).  An MVR is a background check that reveals traffic accidents, violations, and suspensions.  Before you hire someone to drive any of your commercial vehicles, you need to make sure their record is acceptable.  After all, one bad driver can ruin your track record which could spike your insurance rates, ruin your reputation, or ultimately could result in a denial of commercial insurance protection.

Imagine This…

Your business has been slow during the recent months and have been searching desperately for drivers, so you hire a driver that had a few violations on his MVR.  He convinced you he was not at fault for the prior convictions, so you decide to give him a chance.  One day while operating one of your $80,000 trucks, he was texting and driving and caused a horrific accident that killed 2 other people.  This is a prime example of not letting someone with a poor driving record operate your machinery.  This mistake could take years to repair and could cause an ultimate demise of your business operations.

3 Final Tips to Hiring Safe Drivers for Your Business Vehicles     

  1. Pay attention to the applicants’ age. Statistics show that drivers under the age of 25 are more likely to have accidents than older drivers with more experience. Also, insurance companies may be reluctant to insure someone that age to be a driver on an Alabama commercial insurance policy, especially if the truck weighs over 10,000 pounds.
  2. Carefully assess the applicants’ MVR and if in question, forward it to your Alabama independent insurance agent for their opinion.
  3. Realize your drivers are the “driving force” behind your company. Your fleet vehicles most likely have a company logo on them.  Imagine having a driver operating one of your vehicles and is seen driving erratically or distractedly.  This reflects poorly on you and your business.  It may be enough for people to think twice before utilizing your business services.

Hiring the Right Drivers to Operate Your Business Vehicles Can Make or Break Your Business

Making the mistake of carelessly hiring poor drivers for your Alabama business can jeopardize everything you have worked hard to build.  Investing in the right type of drivers will save you many headaches and money.  If you have any questions concerning your Alabama commercial business policy or have concerns about drivers, contact us at 256-704-7400.  Don’t wait!  Call us TODAY.