What Will You do to Protect Your Identity?Identity theft is something everyone has heard of, especially in our high-tech world today, but do you realize you could be the next victim?  Statistics show that in the U.S., one out of 15 will be a victim of identity theft.  Even knowing this, many adults are still careless when it comes to protecting their personal information.  Fraudsters immerse themselves in finding ways to hijack people’s privacy and personal information.  What will YOU do to protect your identity?

Some Common Scenarios That Could Put Your Identity at Risk

Many people don’t realize they may be jeopardizing their identity quite frequently.  In fact, 92% of adults have taken at least one data security gamble this past year.  While that may be alarming, so are the sophisticated measures that identity thieves take when trying to access your information.  Below are some typical scenarios that often happen that could risk your safety, privacy, and well-being.

  • You are at a local coffee shop and decide to access your online banking to check your checking balance. Because you used public WIFI, you just exposed your banking information to the hacker sitting across the room.  Now your identity is up for grabs.
  • You receive tons of junk mail including credit card applications and other offers. Without regard, you simply throw them in the trash instead of shredding them.  Now a fraudster can go through your trash and find a lot of information about you and can even open an account or card under your name.
  • You are online shopping for items for your upcoming vacation and visited several websites.  One site requests you set up an account and provide additional information before hitting the “place order” tab.  Because you fail to notice that this particular site is unsecured, you have put your credit card information out there along with your name and address, putting your data at risk.
  • You use the same password for everything…your pet’s name followed by the year you were born. At the same time, you post tons of pictures of your dog on social media and have your birthday (month, date, AND year) visible for the public to see.  It won’t take long for a skilled hacker to figure out your password and from there, access all your accounts, especially if you are using the same password for them.

Will You be the Next Victim?

These scenarios happen all the time and if you can identify with any of these scenarios you may want to rethink your security measures to keeping your personal data safe. Taking security risks in an effort to save time may result in lasting economic and emotional consequences.  Protect what is rightfully yours!  If you have any questions or concerns regarding identity theft or protection you may need, contact us at Burkett & Associates TODAY.